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workforce management tools
Workforce Management

Watch tracking

security guard patrol tracking system
workforce management tools

Schedule status

security guard management
Back Office Management

Back-office management

Guard tour tracking

Panic alert

Incident reporting

Everything delivered on the mobile platform

security guard patrol tracking systemimg_watch_tracking

Watch tracking

Track your guards & watch their trail
workforce management software

Schedule status

Schedule guards on a single day to multiple and from 1 site to multiple
Back Office Management

Back-office management

Improve your productivity by using 100% automated processes for internal work
workforce management tools
workforce management system
workforce management system

Guard tour tracking

Ensure complete safety of your sites by scanning NCF tags at strategic places

Panic alert

Solidarity guard’s alert in case of emergency

Incident reporting

Easy incident reporting by Guards with pictures and text messages

Watch + Track


Tracking the punctuality of the guards in real-time

Watching the Live movement of the guards and tracking the real-time issues such as incomplete tours, unfinished job duties


Geo-Fence – Know when a guard ENTER OR LEAVE A SITE.

GPS – Guard Tracking in real time and offline mode with dynamic map.

View Live Incident Reports.

Post Order – Feature to convey a message to Guard On Duty.

Dispatch a supervisor/guard to the Security Site for immediate help.

Schedule + Open Shift


Hassle-free Scheduling

Visibility of “Open shifts” to specific guards


Color codes & Symbols to View continual Progress

User- friendly Calendar views

Automated user experience

Back-Office Management


Record keeping & employee performance tracking for reviews or incentives

Paperless process with reminders


Access Guard Timesheet for quick and easy Payrol

Access Site Invoices anywhere, anytime via mobile or web platform.

Reports automatically emailed to clients after manager’s approval

Go Green - Everything stored electronically on Cloud

guard tour system

Guard Tour System


Assisting to provide state of the art security with instant tour reports of all checkpoints

Notifying of any skipped checkpoints or on-site issues within a split second

Enabling incident reporting in real-time for your client satisfaction


NFC + Barcode based Tours

Real-time GPS tracking on Tours

Tour Report with Time Stamps and Comments

Instant Notification for any missed Checkpoints

Issue reporting with feature to upload photos and texts

Additional enterprise features

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard

Manager overview of pending work and site Analytics and Company Owners overview of all-around management performance.

penic button

Panic Button

Single click trigger for a guard on duty to alert his manager immediately as a part of lone worker assistance. Solitary guard’s security in case of an emergency.

features notification alert

Visitor Registration

Cloud register of every visit to the secure client site available anytime anywhere directly to the company and client.

Geo-Fencing Technology

Geo-Fencing Technology

Geographical area drawn using gps coordinates to define a site, thus tracking when a guard Enters or Leaves the Area(Security Site).


Customizable templates enable guards to document on-point and professional reports.

features visitor registration

Notification & Alerts

Every movement in the system is backed with Notifications, and Each ‘needs attention’ task is highlighted with Alerts.

Benefits with Novagems

Benefits with Novagems

Reviews by Our Customers

Convenient and Easy

Novagems is super easy to use that all our guards were online within a week.

Antony L., Vancouver, Canada

Increased Productivity

Novagems has made my life a lot more easier and reduced huge amount of manual work at my end. Now, I can devote more time on New Customer acquisition.

Michael B., Vancouver, Canada

Convenient and Easy

Novagems team is very humble and always is extremely fast. I could call them anytime and get their assistance.

Rasa M., USA

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