Top 5 Apps For Security Guards

Top 5 Apps For Security Guards

Do you want to uncover the dilemma if your security guards actually work in their shifts or simply doze away? Even though the security guard industry seems to be a little distanced from the rest of the departments in any organization, there are ways to bridge the gap. A strong security guard software helps you to accomplish exactly what you expect from your security staff. 

When you operate an organization on a large scale, overseeing its security concerns and keeping a tap on your security guards becomes a necessity for the safety of the people. Although, the important question here is, can you rely on software for security purposes? Especially when the company operations run on such a vast scale?

Well, the short answer is yes! Here’s what you get access to when you choose to invest in one of the best apps for security guards:-

  • Instant notification facility for missed tasks 
  • GPS tracking flexibility with Google Maps Enabled for guards 
  • Geo-fencing option to alert the management of the guard’s presence 
  • In-app messaging for a quick chat 
  • Interactive dashboards to view custom reports 
  • Real-time connection with the management 
  • Panic button in case of emergencies 

Now that you know what good a great app can do to take care of your security concerns, below listed are the top 5 apps for security guards to exist in the

1. Novagems

An all-in-one  security guard management software that not only manages but it gives management the control to track their guards who are on duty. Novagems ensures transparency, safety, and accessibility through its robust built mobile app for security guards as well as its desktop site. It comes with a backing of Google Map interface that makes it even more reliable and safe.

Novagems exceeds the expectation of a nominal security guard app that may allow either of the things listed above but hardly allows access to all the features at once. 

Here are what makes Novagems a reliable app for security purposes for the people you care about:- 

  • Schedule Status – You can easily use the feature of scheduling security guards for the day they are supposed to be working on a particular shift. Different color coordinators are marked on the calendar to help you in determining each of the staff’s status to keep track. 
  • GPS Tracking – It helps you not only to track the movement of your guards around the premises but also trail whenever required. This way you can always instruct them to get back to their respective positions to eliminate any potential threats.
  • Live Analytics Dashboards – An interactive dashboard that explains complicated numbers in an easy to understand visual format. You only need to choose filters such as date, time, place or any metric for that matter and results would get generated according to your preferences. It can be data from the past or something you need immediately.  
  • Back Office Management The fully automated mechanism of Novagems security guard app guarantees cent percent efficiency in internal work. Be it a timesheet, attendance of a guard, or their weekly reports, it’s all in one place for the management to have a quick view.
  • Incident Reporting – Create incident reporting with real-time chat, sharing pictures and videos as well as hitting the panic button when the situation goes beyond control or needs immediate attention. 

2. Asana

It’s a security guard management app that helps in keeping track of work duties allocated to the team members, notifying them about the daily tasks over the mobile and web app, and measuring the progress for the day simultaneously. 

Key highlights of the app:- 

  • Easy to integrate e-mail: It’s super easy to integrate your emails with Asana and get quick access to your inbox all in one place. 
  • Customised calendar for a quick overview: All your to-do’s, deadlines, and meetings get captured in one common calendar making it easier for you to keep track.
  • Deadline alert feature to stay informed: Asana informs you as and when your work deadline reaches near. It alerts you of getting through with the task as soon as possible. 
  • Customizable dashboard for easy tracking: Keeping a note of work progress becomes easy with customizable dashboards which also helps in knowing the status of each team member. 

3. Innovise Software

It is a UK-based security management software system that was privately owned but now has increased its footprints to the international market. Its reach can be widely tapped into the industries that deal in support services, security sectors as well as alarm service providers. 

Key highlights of the app:- 

  • Workforce management solution: Keeping up with the total headcount of your staff as well as taking care of their time-sheets can be all available at one common spot in the app.
  • Timegate facility: This feature helps you to take care of the security guards’ attendance, day-to-day schedules as well as reporting times.
  • Immediate reporting to management: You can see every move of your security guards because of its real-time tracking facilities. 

4. Resuscitate

This is also a security guard managing application however for the guards who have cleared a CPR certification. This app was itself built and developed by doctors and educators to help quick assistance to any troubled victim.

Resuscitate has various visual aids and actionable tutorials to train the guards who newly get on board. Even though it has a desktop version but not a dedicated app that can be installed on your phones for use on the go.

Key highlights of the app:- 

  • CPR enabled : Alerts for any serious health issues arising to any of the employees on duties are taken care of without any delays. 
  • AED enabled: A tech feature that can easily detect and sense troubles through its in-built sensors comes as a lifesaver for the guards on duty.  
  • Helpful training videos: Whenever a new guard gets on board, certain resources are made available for the new joiners to have a quick look at as an induction training.

5. Google Maps

Most of you would agree, Google Map is one of our favorite security guard app to help us guide our ways through providing exploring and navigation facilities. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices which uses GPS to determine the location you are in. The greatest strength it has is Google’s goodwill that makes it the most reliable application to exist in today’s market. 

Key highlights of the app:- 

  • Augmented Reality: Even inside the camera app, you can view the Google Maps routes! How amazing is that? 
  • Voice-Enabled Assistance: Instead of hooking your eyes to the screen, Google Maps speaks out loud the navigation and directions for you to not lose track.
  • In-built App Suggestions: Based on your destinations, Google Maps suggest the nearest spots which you might want to check out. 

Final Words

In today’s time, an app can alert you of a lot of potential vulnerabilities and accidents that may occur based on its artificial intelligence traits. 

In today’s time, an app can alert you of a lot of potential vulnerabilities and accidents that may occur based on its artificial intelligence traits. 

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