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Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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Security Companies Website - There must be some elements missing that you can add to improve your security guard company website.

3 Ways to Improve Security Companies Website – Novagems

If we talk about security businesses today, it is crucial for security guard companies to have a digital front in the year 2021, just like every other business. With 90% of your prospects spending their entire day online, it is most likely for them to look for your services online. So, a security company needs to have an engaging online presence.

There are several benefits you can garner from being online and tap into many new opportunities for business. If you don’t have a website for your security services business yet, start by getting one.

On the other hand, if you already have a website but don’t get the expected traffic or leads from it, chances are your website needs some work under the hood. There must be some elements missing that you can add to improve your security guard company website. Here, we will talk about these elements and the three ways to improve security companies websites. So, let’s look into it:

1. Explain The Different Types of Security Services You Provide


The chances of an increased bounce rate on your website are high if you haven’t described your services clearly. In case of incomplete information present on your website, the visitors will not get what they are looking for, even if you provide those services. So, they will leave your website within seconds.

To keep your visitors hooked and provide them with all the information about your services, mention the different types of services you provide. The services delivered by security guard companies include commercial security, residential security, armed security, vehicle patrol security, etc. Clearly explain and visualize the services you provide so that it can grab the attention of your users within the first few seconds of their arrival on your website.

2. Explain Why Companies or Clients Should Choose You Over Others


Brag a little! Well, you need to sell your services to potential clients and for that, you need to tell them why you are better than your competitors and other security guard companies in the region.

Make a separate section stating “Why to Choose Us” or something similar. In this section, explain the benefits your clients will garner after they hire you. Also, explain what makes you different and reliable. You can consider these points while explaining your features:

  • Talk about your licenses and certifications - they make you reliable and professional.

  • Talk about the qualifications, achievements, and certifications of your security guards.

  • Talk about the workforce management tools and technologies you use like a security officer patrol app, management systems, trackers, etc.

  • Talk about your work patterns, emergency response patterns, etc.

  • Talk about your experience, accolades received over time, client testimonials, etc.

In short, talk about your company as a whole and what makes you the best choice for the security needs of your website visitors. The more convincing you sound, the better are the chances of lead generation and conversions through your website. So, if you haven’t talked about your features on your website yet, do it today to improve your security guard company website.

3. Answer Some FAQs

Hiring a security company is a big decision that businesses or residents have to make for their property. It involves risk, and one can trust only a reliable company with such responsibilities. So, they cannot rely on anyone and everyone.

Many questions do rounds in a person’s mind before moving forward with a security company. They will try to find their answers by browsing through your website. So, make sure they get the information they are looking for.

You can do it by adding an FAQ section on your security guard company website. Here, you can answer the most common questions asked by users, like:

  • Is your security company licensed?

  • What are your hours of operation?

  • What services do you offer?

  • Do you closely supervise your security officers?

  • What tools and technology do you use to monitor and manage your guards?

  • Do you use security guard tracking software?

  • How do you price your security services?

  • What background check do you perform before hiring your security guards?

There can be many other questions, but you should focus on covering the most common ones. For the rest of their queries, you can share your contact information and ask them to get a free consultation or call you right away. These CTAs after the FAQs also play a crucial role in the conversion of leads. If not the contact information, you can provide the option of chatbots for live chat.

That’s all! These were the three easy ways to improve security companies’ websites. The point here is to provide your audience with the information they are looking for and generate their interest. Once you convince your visitors that you provide top-notch security services, they will get in touch with you. If you have a security guard company website, try these three ways to see an improvement in your website traffic and lead generation


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