4 Effective Tips to Retain High-Performing Security Officers

Fri, Nov 4, 2022

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The physical security industry is highly competitive. So, it is safe to say that a good security guard has many job opportunities.

4 Effective Tips to Retain High-Performing Security Officers

If a security guard is good at his job, many companies are willing to pay him well. It makes it easy for the security guards to walk out of a security company if things are not working in their favor.

The entire scenario makes it difficult for security companies to retain good security officers.

If your security company faces such issues, it is time to act on the problem and find solutions. For companies facing employee turnover issues, we have some points for you. With these tips, you can ensure that the security guards don’t leave your company. So, let us have a look at these tips:

1) Follow a Thorough Hiring Process

It all starts at the time of hiring.

If you don’t choose the perfect candidate for your company, they will eventually leave your organization. So, when you are looking for security guards, hire the candidates who feel like the best fit for your company and its work culture.

You can do it by following a strict hiring and screening process. Discuss the work responsibilities, company culture, work environment, and everything else in detail. Keep the terms of employment transparent. This way, you can select good security officers and guards for your company who will stay for a long time.

2) Take Care of Their Needs

When you choose people to work with you, they also choose you as your employer. So, it is your responsibility that you never neglect their requirements. From day one, when a good security officer joins you, look after what they want. For example, look into the shifts they are comfortable with, whether they like to work alone or are a team player, their growth expectations with the job, etc.  

While it is not feasible to create a workflow entirely according to the needs of the security guards, you can still make some amends. For example, you can adjust the shift timings, check who is working overtime and compensate them accordingly, and take measures to promote teamwork and a healthy work environment. You can also follow a smooth system for security workforce management to avoid everyday chaos and confusion among the teams. 

Such gestures promote employee satisfaction and reduce the employee turnover rate.

3) Keep Room For Growth and Development

Employees often feel dissatisfied at work when their job does not offer growth and development. If good security officers feel like your company prohibits their growth and promotion, they will end up walking out. 

To retain high-potential employees, security companies must offer training programs. So, never shy away from investing in their improvement and training. Without adequate challenges and brushing up on their skills, the security guards might feel unmotivated and unproductive. Their jobs might feel stagnant without any prospects of growth. Keeping them engaged in training and new challenges keeps them productive. Such challenges include adopting an improved security workforce management system, using different tools and techniques, training under a senior security officer, working for other clients, etc. 
Also, promote your good security officers to better positions. So, they feel that the organization appreciates and recognizes their efforts.

4) Give them a Break From the Monotony

The physical security industry jobs are far from being creative and engaging. Contrarily, their jobs are challenging and risky. Also, there is no new or innovative way to provide security to the clients. Thus, the guards are most likely to fall into the trap of monotony. 

From starting the day to ending their shift, they need to perform many tasks that they do every day. 

Such tasks include filling the attendance, reporting to the manager, creating a patrolling route, etc. Even for the security managers, there are many monotonous tasks like schedule creation, maintaining attendance records, calculating the payroll, etc. 

The security company can follow a system for security workforce management that automates these repetitive tasks. One such system is Novagems which automates the everyday tasks of security guards and managers. 

Automation of these tasks prevents boredom and monotony for the guards.


With these tips, you can ensure that your good security officers don’t leave your company. So, follow these tips and retain the good employees you can trust. For more bits of advice and discussions about the physical security industry, follow Novagems.

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