4 Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Security Officer

Thu, Jan 27, 2022

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Your first step is hiring great security officers on the team. By hiring an efficient security officer, you can rest assured that the staff is in good hands.

4 Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Security Officer

A security company runs a risky business. No matter how much you claim to be the best, the clients will always doubt their security. To ensure your clients can count on you for their safety, you need to ensure that you have the right personnel on board.

Your first step is hiring great security officers on the team. By hiring an efficient security officer, you can rest assured that the staff is in good hands. A good security officer will supervise and train the team of security guards well enough to deliver top-notch security services.

However, how would you know what makes a good security officer? What are the things you should look for in a competent officer? Let us have a look at these four crucial traits a successful security officer possesses that will help you hire the best one:

1) Training and Experience

Security is more of a physical term, and the physical fitness and alertness of the guards matter a lot. For this reason, training and experience are some of the most crucial qualities of a security guard.

Your security officer will handle a team of guards. He will manage, supervise, and even train them. For this role, you cannot rely on someone with no experience or training in the area of security. So, always look for an individual who is well-trained and experienced for the job.

Individuals who retire from the army or other forces are suitable for security services. Such individuals are best-suited for the role of security officers. However, if you get applicants other than such individuals, you can have a fitness test to see how trained and experienced they are.

Another best way to appoint a security officer is by choosing a suitable candidate from your team of security guards and promoting them.

2) Responsibility

Managing a unit of security officers is not child’s play. One mistake can cost someone their security and life. Being responsible is one of the must-have qualities of a security guard.

The officers need to assign duties to the guards based on their experience and training. They also have to look after how the guards perform and train those who need help. Security guards deal with dangerous situations, and in case of emergencies, they need a responsible person to contact and send help.

Only an officer who is responsible enough to handle all these tasks is a successful security officer. So, when you are hiring, look for this trait in the candidate.

3) Dependability

An extension of the point above, this is also a crucial factor. Can you, your guards, and your clients depend on the security officer you appointed?

The answer will define whether you are choosing a good security officer or not. To be a successful security officer, the candidate for the post of a security officer needs to be dependable. If the officer is not reliable, you are running the risk of client safety. A security officer needs to look after all the security arrangements on-premises. And if you cannot depend on them wholly, if you think they cannot take the authority to look after each and every security aspect on-premises, you should rethink your options.

For instance, there are three checkpoints - A, B, and C. The officer inspects points A and B but leaves point C. It will compromise security and lead to risks. So, choose someone dependable so that you don’t have to check everything repeatedly. For this, you can create aptitude tests or mock drills to evaluate how dependable the candidate is for the job.

4) Communicability

Will your security guards be comfortable talking to the security officer you choose? Will the officer be in constant touch with the clients?

The answer will be yes if your security officer is good with communication. For your security company to deliver top-notch services, you must ensure seamless communication among the staff and clients.

With smooth internal communication, your security guards and officers will get along well, reducing the chances of slip-ups. You can ensure a better workflow and management of the staff. Also, when the security officer is good with communication, they keep in touch with the clients, updating them about the details of the services, filling them in with reports and whatnot. It ensures client satisfaction and credibility. So, look for someone who does not hesitate to communicate because good and clear communication is a crucial factor for security.

So, these are the points to look for in great security officers. If you need to hire someone, you know what to look for in a good security officer.

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