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Mon, Jan 10, 2022

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That is the power of uniforms on our minds. Even our subconscious minds connect the feeling of safety with security uniforms.

Security Guard Management Solutions | Novagems

Think about this - you are walking in a mall, and suddenly someone snatches a bag from your hand and runs. What will you do? Aside from chasing that person yourself, you will subconsciously look for a uniformed person - the security staff.

That is the power of uniforms on our minds. Even our subconscious minds connect the feeling of safety with security uniforms. So, if you are in a dilemma about whether you should give uniforms to your security officers or not, the answer is yes. Guard uniforms are as important for security companies as efficient security guard management solutions.

We have listed the five benefits of providing uniforms to your security personnel. So, let us have a look at these:

1) Less Criminal Activities

Criminals keep an eye on a place before attacking. Whether they are planning a burglary, an attack, or a security breach, they will plan by paying attention to the details of the place. No matter how high-tech your workforce management software is, if your guards are not uniformed or armed, their presence won’t matter to the criminals.

However, if criminals see uniformed guards deployed in the premises of a building, a mall, or outside your residence, they will not dare to attack.

Seeing the uniformed guards creates a sense of fear among the criminals. So, they often drop whatever they are planning and move ahead. It results in lesser criminal activities.

2) A Feeling of Pride

It is universal that the people who serve in defense and security services get a feeling of pride and satisfaction in what they do. The same is true for security guards and officers.

A uniform juxtaposes this feeling with the sense of belongingness that the guards get when they feel associated with a security company. The uniforms make them feel important, and they get a sense of pride in what they do. Also, uniforms promote teamwork and team spirit. And that is another plus for security companies.

So, along with incorporating the best security guard management solutions, a security company should also invest in good uniforms for the guards.


3) Peace of Mind for The Clients

In the first point, we discussed how uniformed security guards repel criminals. This point is an extended version of the first one. Businesses and homeowners rely on security companies to secure their property and people.

A good security company can promise the best services with an efficient workforce management software system. However, uniformed security staff gives them peace of mind.

With uniformed guards deployed at different corners of the buildings, your clients don’t have to worry about their security. They can rest assured that trained and professional guards protect their property and people.

4) A Professional Outlook

Your company’s reputation depends on how you deliver your services. If you send your guards to perform their duties wearing t-shirts and jeans, your clients will not be satisfied.

Your guards might be well-trained and experienced. However, if they don’t present themselves as reliable and responsible security people, the clients will not believe you. It might ruin your credibility and reputation.

Clients look for security companies that operate professionally. Uniforms make a good first impression and show how professional your security company is. So, keep this in mind if you are try to take off uniforms from your list.


5) Branding

Another benefit of getting security guard uniforms is branding. Security guard uniforms have logos and badges showing the name of your security company.

So, wherever your security guards go, they take your brand’s name with them. It is one of the best ways to spread the word about your security business. Anyone looking for security services can contact you after seeing your company’s name on the security guard’s uniform. To make the most out of it, create a recognizable and easy-to-interpret brand logo or write your company’s name on the guards’ uniforms.

We just discussed the five benefits of providing uniforms to your security guards. As a security company, guard uniforms are one of the first things you should have. They make a lot of difference and help you deliver security services professionally.

Another way of improving your security services is by adding security guard management solutions to your business. If you are looking for such solutions, contact Novagems. Our software will help you make an even better impression on your clients than just the uniforms. It is easy to use and makes workflow management effortless for the managers and security guards. Give us a call or drop a message to get started.

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