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Sun, Jun 20, 2021

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To help you keep everything in place and evaluate the performance of your team effectively, the best solution is a high-performing guard tour system. With such a system

5 Common Problems A Guard Tour System Can Help Resolve – Novagems

When you run a security services business, you owe your clients the tightest security and safety from all kinds of threats. However, managing a team of security guards and a fleet of security vehicles can be painstaking without the right solutions in place. From scheduling the shifts to tracking, recording, and managing your team, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. Some minor slip-ups and you might end up jeopardizing the reputation of your security company.

To help you keep everything in place and evaluate the performance of your team effectively, the best solution is a high-performing guard tour system. With such a system, you can tackle and resolve any problems that you might face. A few of these problems that a guard management system can resolve are explained below:

1. Setting an Accountability

Setting an Accountability

If we look into the setup of a security guard company years from now, we will see how they managed everything manually. There used to be no record whatsoever of a guard’s presence at the place of duty. So, security guards could easily deceive and waver accountability.

However, thankfully, tech has changed the scene for security companies. With the right guard tour system, it is easy to keep track of the movement of your security guards. The tools and features like GPS and Geofencing allow managers to set authorized areas for all guards. In such a case, whenever the guard leaves or enters the geofenced area, the managers get notifications in real-time. So, it is easy to hold the guards accountable for the tasks and duties assigned to them as you can keep a close eye on them.

2. Delays and Lags

Delays and Lags

A security guard must provide safety and security to their clients in all situations. Therefore, in case of an emergency, they need to take fast action. Now, it might be impossible if we rely only on human efforts because, in a state of panic, the entire system might go haywire. When it comes to security emergencies, we don’t have room for mismanagement, delays, or lags. A guard management system can solve this problem

Such a system helps guards automate their actions. With features like panic buttons, alerts, fast incident reporting, etc., guards can send alerts instantly. Just a few taps on their apps and the management center gets to know about the emergency and sends help without wasting any time. The GPS allows you to send help to the right location within time. It helps avoid delays in case of emergencies.

3. Workload


Would you want your security guards to keep track of their attendance, duty locations, shift timings, and everything using a pen and paper? It not only increases the workload for the guards but also the management. It is because the managers need to track the performance of the guards using these records.

However, that is not the case when you use smart security guard tracking systems. With just a few taps, their day’s work can be tracked and recorded within the system. It makes it simpler for the managers to keep track of a guard’s performance and availability at work. So, the right guard management system will take a lot of burden off your personnel, making them more efficient by automating many things.

Security guards are always prone to dangers and if they are unable to perform their duties well in certain situations, their human errors might end up landing them in a lawsuit. It happens when clients put the blame on the security guards and drag them into a legal situation.

To avoid such situations, a security guard company must have a feature-rich guard tour monitoring system. Such a system can provide real-time reports of your guards along with their location and evidence that will save them from such legal actions. It will not only help you avert the legal risk from your guards but from your security company as well.

5. Competition

No matter how good a security company is, it has a competitor that it has its eyes on. As times have changed, security companies are getting smarter and more tech-centric. If you haven’t thought about introducing a guard management system to your security company yet, you might be at the risk of losing the game to your competitors.

Security companies are already hopping on the bandwagon and embracing the goodness of guard tour monitoring systems. So, your competitors might already be ahead of you. With the latest tech, the reputation of security companies can hike in no time. Stay a step ahead and win the game by switching to smart guard management and tracking systems before your competitors beat you to it.

So, this was all about the problems that a guard tour system can solve for your security business. If you’re looking for such a system, get in touch with Novagems. We help security guard companies stay at the top of the game with the latest tech. Book a free demo, today!

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