5 Free Security Guard Contract Samples & How to Create a Security Contract – Novagems

Tue, May 11, 2021

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Most people are not aware of the fact that security guards provide security for a specific location instead of standing anywhere in a premise

5 Free Security Guard Contract Samples & How to Create a Security Contract – Novagems

Whether you want to draft a security services contract for the junior staff or the senior security agent, choosing the right contract is incredibly important.

And it couldn’t be wrong to say that designing your own contract could be potentially daunting as you might end up making mistakes. That’s the reason; you must consider using personalized security templates to draft an effective sales contract template.

Let’s discuss the types of security guard contracts you must consider as per your needs.

1. Security Guard service contract

This is one of the popular forms of contracts that is being adopted by companies of all sizes. Security agencies offer security guard services that can assign them to different individuals or clients. When it comes to getting the right security guard services, the agency and the client must create the security guard service contract and then finalize the deal.

2. Security Guard Contract for Onsite Security

Most people are not aware of the fact that security guards provide security for a specific location instead of standing anywhere in a premise. There could be multiple examples of on-site security including private events, public gatherings, relocating an item from one place to another, etc.

3. Sample Security Services Contract for Security Guards

When it comes to hiring security guards, this five-page contract sample gets signed between the two parties. Talk about the contract provision, they are a series of 20 where the last one is highlighted while the other section is in bold.

It could be said that the importance is given to this section that must not be overlooked.

4. Sample Security Service Agreement Contract

This kind of security service contract must be signed between the client and the security contractor and must include details like the address of both the parties. The contract should contain a Security service agreement, Disclaimer of the Liability insurance, Payment agreement, Indemnification, the validity of the contract and service termination letter template, etc.

5. Sample Security Service Arrangement Contract

This kind of security guard contract comes with 9 pages wherein the main sections include the performance of services, terms and termination of the contract, limitation of liability, payment, etc.

If your requirements are like this, you can choose any of the security guard contract templates that match your needs.

How to Create a Security Contract

Step 1: Title Page

You need to open a new doc in Word to create a security guard contract. Then, you must include the company name, the name of the contract, and other necessary details.

Step 2: Don’t Forget to Mention the Name of the Parties**

You then need to move on to the next page and write down the name and location of the concerned parties. Also, you can use the “whereas statements” in the recital section.

Step 3: The Secured Party

After completing the formalities, you need to enter the details of the secured party. Make sure you mention all the roles of the parties in bullet points, making them easier to understand.

step 4: Responsibilities of the Debtor

After that, you need to mention the responsibilities of the debtor. The respective documents of collateral properties should be handed over to the other party until the payment is fulfilled.

Step 5: The Collateral

Make sure you mention the condition and other necessary details of the collateral.

Step 6: Method of Payment

Another important thing you need to clear is the different modes of payments. It could be in any form, cash, bank transfer, or cheque.

Step 7: Legal Fees and Charges

In case of any legal troubles, you must mention that the winning party must be reimbursed.

Step 8: Reporting software

Make sure you mention the reporting software.

Step 9: Signature of Both Parties

Final Thoughts So, that’s a wrap-up to the 5 best security guard contract samples and the things that should be included to create a security contract!!

Irrespective of the security service contract/agreement, make sure that the terms and condition of the memorandum of agreement must be there along with the date and time and validity of the agreement. Though security guards’ duties may vary from one establishment to another, choosing the right agreement may help!

Make sure that the contract must include all the various rules and regulations.

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