Airport Security Guard Management Software | Airport Security Workforce Management - Novagems

Fri, Jul 23, 2021

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Airport guard management software. Boost efficacy with the best Airport guard tour system- Novagems. Top rated Airport security management software by users.

Airport Security Guard Management Software | Airport Security Workforce Management - Novagems

Exposed to a range of risks and threats, Airports demand better communication and coordination between security guards and management. Maintaining visitors’ records, tracking guard tours, performing security checks, and ensuring smooth organization at the airport premises are some of the core responsibilities that aviation security companies perform. A credible Airport guard management system can help manage all these tasks and ensure that the risk is reduced while the functions are performed in a very organized manner.

Novagems is a credible Airport guard management system that promotes accountability in security guards and helps reduce risk while maximizing security. The software is equipped with a range of features that assists in promoting organization, security guard management, and effective security checks are different checkpoints. The regular tracking and employee management promote security personnel compliance and unmatched security.

Maintain Optimal Airport Security with Novagems

The best software for boosting security and safety are airports. Novagems boost functionality and make airport security functions smooth and efficient. The present airport security requirements are advanced as the threats and risks are rising rapidly. Having a fully-functional web-based Airport security workforce management to ensure communication, coordination and efficiency is a must-have requirement.

The salient features of the Airport security software that promotes security management at airports include:

Workforce optimization:

The right utilization of resources at airport premises is a crucial aspect of airport security. The supervisors must have the access to the workforce to distich emergency guards or create teams of security guards for patrolling. The load-to-limit time is a critical aspect in deciding the security checkpoint manpower. Novagems ensures that security supervisors effectively manage the workforce.

Maintaining service quality:

The more efficient your security teams are the better service quality you can offer. Novagems, with its tracking and monitoring feature, allows security supervisors to have a continuous record of security guard’s performance and maintain service quality.

Locating security guards:

GPS tracking allows supervisors to track the security guard’s location and record trail. The patrol team can be located on the map and any missed checkpoint is reported to the supervisors. The supervisors can use the data to monitor the performance and improvise the patrol routes.

Manage scheduling and shifts:

For security guards working at the X-Ray scanners, efficiency is very important. Employee fatigue can be a crucial reason for airport accidents, Novagems allows you to schedule employees efficiently and reduce employee overages. The open shift system allows security guards to acknowledge the assigned shifts, request a shift swap, or apply for a leave.

Security guard’s training:

The need for security training is high in the aviation industry. The Airport security management system allows to maintain non-compliance reports and strengthen security. This allows the supervisors to keep a track of the security certification status of your security officers.

Attendance and time management:

Attendance and Time Management helps save payroll overages and at the same time boost the accuracy of payroll processing. The security supervisor can use Novagems to verify the logged time by security guards and calculate the exact number of hours worked. The proof of attendance can be generated through an easy-to-use report and shared with the authorities.

Incident reporting:

Airport premises are exposed to several risks and incidents. The security guards at duty have access to a real-time incident reporting feature. The incident can be reported without any time loss using Airport security guard software. The security guards can also report the incident with proofs including text, speech, images, videos, and more.

Why choose Novagems?

Novagems is the most compatible Airport guard tour system. It is equipped with features that are unique and specific for ensuring high safety and security at airport premises. The Airport security management software makes it easy for supervisors to maintain smooth coordination at the airport lanes and different locations. The patrol monitoring system and scheduling ensure that all the security guards are performing up to the mark.

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