Every added feature tailored to optimize
your security business operations.


Novagems organizes & centralizes every aspect of your business such as schedules, time logs, all types of reports (daily, incident, etc.), inspections, employee database and client notes. It packs your whole business in a well structured workforce management app.


Novagems reduces your administrative tasks considerably by eliminating any redundant manual procedures. It also provides a self-service process to employees for schedules, and to clients for reports. It automates processes like report submission.

Peace of Mind

No more wondering if your employees showed up or were late to their shifts! Novagem offers the possibility to be aware of every movement of your employees constant reminders and notifications to both managers and Guards.

Competitive Edge & Wow Effect

Novagems provides you with a platform to keep your client’s expectations and your employee’s performance on the same page. This “peace of mind” for your clients provides the competitive edge you need to acquire new Clients and secure the existing ones.

Accountability & Performance

Novagems has proved to increase employee performance and sense of accountability. The constant monitoring has a direct impact on liability and motivation translating into an increase in professionalism and efficiency.

Go Green

No more piles of paper on your desk! Reduce your carbon footprint with a paperless system and turn it into a selling point! Brag that your organization is environmentally conscious and gain new clients that value your position.

Want your Security Business on your fingertips?

Have your Employees and Clients on same page.