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Our Star Cleaning Service Software Features

You can easily run your cleaning company - whether it is commercial cleaning or residential cleaning smoothly.

Novagems helps you take care of the whole process from start to finish with an easy-to-use interface that gives a seamless workflow. Stay ahead of the competition and close cleaning contacts easily.

The cleaning company software is a complete set of automation tools that makes your company look professional and updated in the highly competitive cleaning industry.



Generate accurate estimates with no human error or delays. Make your cleaning company stand out with professional and clean estimates.

Key Features

  • dot Generate Accurate Estimates
    Create detailed and professional-looking estimates for potential clients quickly and easily.
  • dot Track And Record
    Keep a record of all of the estimates and the conversion rates of the clients easily. With a cleaning business software keep all of the data in one place.


No more scheduling conflicts or headaches with a scheduling software for cleaning business and get done with staff scheduling within minutes!

Key Features

  • dot Drag-and-Drop Functionality
    Effortlessly schedule your cleaning crew appointments by dragging and dropping them into the desired time slots, minimizing scheduling conflicts.
  • dot Automated Reminders
    Send automated reminders to your staff, reduce no-shows, and keep appointments on schedule. Novagems’ cleaning company software sends real-time notifications to your cleaning staff.

Work Order Management

Generate detailed work orders for your cleaning staff with cleaning business software that helps manage operations seamlessly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • dot Create Work Orders
    Generate detailed work orders for your cleaning staff, outlining specific tasks, locations, and client instructions.
  • dot Assign Tasks
    Assign tasks to individual team members and track their progress in real time to ensure timely completion.
  • dot Attach Documents
    Attach important documents or images after the job is done for easy reference.


Novagems is committed to helping you take care of your whole business operations from start to finish. The most distinctive feature of the best software for cleaning business is generating professional invoices.

Key Features

  • dot Generate Professional Invoices
    Create professional-looking invoices with customizable templates that reflect your brand identity. Set your cleaning company apart from the crowd and turn your customers into loyal community members.
  • dot Billing Transparency
    Create a transparent culture between your company and clients. This builds trust and a reputed image in the cleaning industry. The interface makes it easy for the clients to see what they are paying for.

Client Management

Be the choice of any cleaning company that is looking for a ‘clean cleaning service’. Look professional, turn your potential customers into loyal clients, and stand out of the crowd!

Key Features

  • dot A Centralized Place For The Data
    As your company grows, so will your client base. Be ready for the incoming cleaning contracts and store all of the data in one place. Our system will help you track the contracts, clients, tasks, and cleaning jobs assigned all in one place.
  • dot Visual Representation Of The Job Well Done
    Give proof and show progress by sending reports with images of before and after attached. This builds credit and shows how neat the place is after your crew leaves.

Instructions & Checklists

Make your managers' and cleaners' work easy with a detailed list of instructions and checklists. Get work done in an orderly manner with our cleaning business software.

Key Features

  • dot Give Direct Instructions and Duties
    Many clients may have specific requirements as per their cleaning needs. Make your work easy by maintaining a list of all the tasks the crew needs to perform. If your cleaning staff is working on different and multiple tasks it is easy to forget about it. But not anymore with our software!
  • dot Easy To Use Templates For Quicker & Quality Service
    You do not have to spend any extra minutes making multiple task lists and instructions for your staff. Use our premade templates that will allow the staff to just ‘check’ the list when the job is done.
  • dot Track Task Progress
    The system allows you to track and see the progress in real-time so that you do not have to call up your cleaners every 30 minutes! You can track the progress of cleaning services provided from anywhere! Once the checklists are done, the managers can track and record the work.

Our customer reviews

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Matt Lumb


“It makes work easy. A good solution for management.”


John P.

Director of Operations

“Most of my comments are documented in the ratings, but ease of use is high, they were able to get us up and running in little to no time, they schedule meetings to teach how to use the software”


Tameka R.

Interim Administrative Manager

“Most likable feature for Novagems is the scheduling, GPS monitoring, checkpoints/tours and timekeeping tools.”




“Novagems offers a great solution for the managers. It helped me manage the guards with ease. Their installation process was fast and I consulted them to learn how to use the app”


Richard S.


“The Panic Alert button helped us prevent a big mishap recently. We were able to send backup to our guard in time. Thanks to Novagems. A really thoughtful system.”




“This system is user-friendly. Their 24 hours support services Quick response Very effective reporting Professional Team”


Nathan O

Managing Director

“Provides a combination of Services in one place/platform. Allows us to roster staff to shifts, prove time in attendance for both customer verification and payroll”


Jerome Bell


“We love their app. Due to COVID, it made us extremely easy for us to watch and supervise security on our premises.”



Site Incharge

“As a security guard I was not sure if I would be able to get the idea of this app. But it was very easy to use. It made my interaction with the supervisor very fast. It is helpful. ”




“I have worked as a guard for a long time but this solution is a game-changer. Smart technology is put to the best use. ”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial cleaning service providers are always on the lookout for cleaning business software that will help in managing operations smoothly. So the software consists of scheduling, invoicing, and client communication along with much more, that makes it a complete package.

Novagems is dedicated to helping clients whenever and wherever they need it. That’s why no matter what the size of the cleaning company is our support is available 24*7 to help out should any concern arise.

Novagems is a complete automation tool of cleaning company software that gives scheduling, estimating, invoicing, and communication under one roof. It charges for daily active users so you only have to pay for the staff that is scheduled and working!

A cleaning service software helps cleaning companies deliver exceptional service to their clients while maximizing productivity and profitability. The benefits include but are not limited to streamlined operations, improved efficiency, enhanced customer service, better organization, accurate billing and invoicing, easier scheduling and task management, and access to valuable insights and analytics for informed decision-making.

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