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Wed, Jul 21, 2021

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College campus security systems for effective school security management. Use school campus security guard management solutions software for a safe and efficient school environment.

School Security Management Systems | University/College Campus Security Guard Software - Novagems

What Novagems offers to campus security teams?

As a credible education institution, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and peaceful environment for your students. To prepare for the future and gain critical insights and knowledge, students demand secure and productive learning settings. Even the faculty and staff you employ must enjoy a sense of security when they dedicate themselves to imparting the best education to the students. You can rely on a school security management system to handle all aspects of school and campus security.

Novagems understands the need for safety at schools and college campuses and handles it with caution. From day-to-day security activities to managing large gatherings and events to reporting and handling campus incidents, the school security management software allows you a hassle-free way of school security management at campuses.

Maintain compliance

Handle all the local, state, and federal regulatory compliance without fail. Utilize the customized training modules of campus security management systems and instruct your security guard to maintain the rules and regulations mentioned under the Campus Security Act.

Stay aware

Have handy reports on visitors, security guards, staff, and students at the office. Use campus security systems to establish great communication and stay connected with the security teams at duty.

Avoid legal disputes

Maintain records of incidents, visitors, patrols, events with ease. Use the records as a reference in case of a legal despite. Digital records are acceptable evidence in legal matters.

How Novagems Will Help In Elevating The Campus Security

Novagems is a one-stop-shop for advanced college campus security management system at schools and campuses. The versatile nature of the software and the ability to offer customized solutions make it the best for campus security solutions. With Novagems, campus security teams get access to:

Security guard tracking system:

An advanced GPS based education security management system that allows tracking and monitoring security guard movement at the campus. Record trails and identify any missed checkpoint or route changes. Boost security guard accountability and level up the security game.

Incident reporting system:

School and college campuses are prone to incidents. With quick address to these incidents, expensive damage can be saved. The college security management system allows security guards to report incidents to the supervisors in real-time. This boosts communication and enables instant redresses.

Time management:

Record in and out the time of security guards and maintain the attendance sheets. Maintain compliance with labor laws, evaluate performance and productivity, and enjoy error-free and time-saving payroll processing with the advanced school guard management system.

Security guard scheduling:

Large campuses require huge security guard teams. School guard management software enables you to manage security forces with ease and create efficient schedules. Eliminate the chances of employee fatigue, payroll overages, and labor laws non-compliance.

Open shift:

Make schedules available to guards beforehand. Get acknowledgment from the guards along with requests for leaves, shift swap, and more. This allows supervisors to handle absenteeism and related issues.

Client access:

Let the school management get important reports and details related to campus security in due intervals. The campus administration can monitor the real-time status and updates of security guards and patrol teams. Allow them access to limited information and save efforts while building trust.

Visitor Management:

Track the egress and ingress of visitors on the campus. College guard management software helps record entries and maintain a log of visitors. Keep data handy for future references.

Remote monitoring:

Manage and track security guard movement across different campuses and ensure top-notch security. Save costs of on-site supervision with remote monitoring feature of campus guard management software.

The Importance of University/College Campus Security Guard Software: 

University/college campus security guard software plays a vital role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of security personnel. This software equips security guards with advanced tools and features, empowering them to monitor and respond to security incidents promptly. By leveraging real-time data, video surveillance, and communication channels, campus security guard software acts as a force multiplier, improving incident management and emergency response capabilities.

Improved Security For Campus And University

Maintaining the top notch security of university and campus is the topmost priority of the administrators. Times are changing and hence the security levels of the university need to elevate as well. There is no point in maintaining physical records in logbooks. With today’s technology university security systems can do better and maintain better records. 

Saves Time For The Staff And Visitor

Manually checking all of the visitors can be a hassle for the security guards. A campus security system will keep the digital records of all of the visitors that are coming in. the whole process of putting in the entry and maintaining the record can be done within seconds. Campus security management need to elevate the measures they are taking to make their campus a safer space. This will give peace of mind to the parents.

Why choose Novagems?

Novagems allows an easy and efficient way to monitor safety at campuses and schools. It has built-in statistical tools that generate customized reports for informed decision making. A range of untoward incidents can be prevented with emergency incident reporting. As one of the leading college campus security systems, Novagems helps boost the accountability of security guards and stay compliant to local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. Novagems is a user-friendly workforce management system to maintain top-notch security management at your campus and schools.

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