Employee Scheduling Software for Workforce Management

July 29, 2020

An essential part of running a successful security business is organization. Handling the requirement of the team and simultaneously ensuring the best job allocation and results is what a qualified Human Resource personnel must know. However, handling a big team of guards, deployed at different locations and different shifts is not an easy deal. Security guard companies struggle to have control over their day to day employee activity and ensure a smooth and flawless functioning. Surprisingly, the implementation of a workforce planning software can make employee scheduling extremely easy.

You will learn:

  1. What is employee scheduling?
  2. How employee scheduling software helps in workforce management?
  3. Additional benefits of workforce planning/ employee scheduling software.

The modern patrol management system is the most efficient tool in the arsenal of a security guard company. When used effectively, the tool allows to make workforce management simpler and easier.

1. Why is employee scheduling important?

Employee scheduling is a crucial aspect of any business. It is important for the security managers or business owners to keep a tab of the working hours of their employees.

This helps in evaluating a range of aspects including performance, wages and overtime. Employee scheduling indicates the days per week and the hours per day that an employee is expected to be at their job. Depending upon the organization, its nature, type of job, level of the employee and several other factors, an employee schedule is prepared. Once a conventional process, employee scheduling has been automated with the help of the workforce management system.

2. How employee scheduling software helps in workforce management?

Workforce management is very essential to ensure high productivity and optimum utilization of resources. With a clarity of which employee should do what and when the security guard, companies can have a clear idea about the team’s deployment and performance. Employee scheduling software makes workforce management easier by offering an insight of the availability of the security guards and making it very easy to create employee schedules. You can have fixed schedules for security guards to change it as you want.

The software allows you to create shifts and schedules for single as well as multiple sites. The schedules can be altered at any time by the authorized users only. Finally, you can track the attendance with great ease and manage your payroll and costs with accuracy.

3. Additional benefits of workforce planning/ employee scheduling software.

Besides bringing accuracy and efficiency to employee scheduling, workforce planning software also allows companies to minimize their operational costs. It makes scheduling very effective and enables security companies to work on the overall cost of managing the employees. Moreover, it eliminates the need of investing in a truckload of paperwork.

When supervisors create and review schedule straight off the bat, they have time and focus to invest in a bigger aspect of the business. You can schedule shifts in advance and make changes as and when required. Also, the software promotes easy communication in the staff. All the shifts are published and an alert is sent to the guard about the duty. Workforce management is very essential to build an efficient business and the best patrol management system allows easy workforce management and employee scheduling.

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