Be on Schedule while Employee Scheduling

Made easy with weekly/monthly views

Managing typography calendars was a hassle in the past. Novagems allow managers to view the scheduled sites and guards and their acknowledgement status for a single day, a complete week or an entire month.

This process is made quick and efficient with Red Yellow Green (RYG) indicators. It also increases the employee engagement with streamlined shift confirmation.

Repeat & copy schedule

Novagems allows manager to save time in performing redundant tasks like repeating schedule over the week or repeating a single day schedule to multiple dates. It automates such procedures with a single click, thus marginally reducing data entry.

Managers can focus more on driving quality performance and increasing productivity.

Open shift

Open shift system allows for guards to schedules shifts themselves.Guards can benefit by choosing a site based on their convenient time and location. Manager can save time and still get the shifts covered without requiring the any additional information on guard’s availability or convenience.

Manager still have full control on the process as they can choose which sites and guards are to be allocated for open shifts.