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Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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Guard Patrol Monitoring system offers multi-faceted benefits like automation, efficiency and accuracy. Affordable and tailor made guard real time patrolling systems available.

Security Guard Patrol Monitoring System | Security Guard Patrol Tracking Software - Novagems

There are a range of risks that pose a constant threat to the safety and wellbeing of business and properties. As a reliable security services provider, you must be well aware and prepared to handle any type of security breach without any timeloss. While you must have developed a powerful team of security guards, ensuring utmost efficiency from them is possible by supervising them efficiently and optimizing their utilization. This is where Guard patrol Monitoring systems play a crucial role. Novagems is an advanced guard patrol software that helps business and property owners to ensure optimum utilization of their security teams. The security patrol monitoring system is befitted with the latest technology and features to offer you complete control over your security guard processes.

Real time incident reporting

To empower your security management systems, it is utmost important that the incidents are reported in the right time. With timely reporting and real time data analysis, it is possible to regulate the possible threat or completely prevent it. Security patrol monitoring systems are very effective in streamlining the communication between the guards and supervisors. The security guards are offered a range of features including an incident reporting system to ensure each and every untoward or potential risk incident is reported in time.

Attendance and time management

Attendance and time management

You can keep a close eye over your security guards and their time management with the help of a patrol management system. The patrol guard system allows you to maintain the attendance of security guards and request and approve leaves and absenteeism. You can keep a check on the security guards’ attendance and ensure availability of workforce at all times.

Quick alerts and messages

Quick alerts and messages

The security guard can access the dashboard and send a quick alert message to the concerned supervisors. This makes assessing risk and rectifying it very easy. The security guard can notify any possible risk as well as incidents that must be reported to the authorities the security guard patrolling system. This allows the supervisors to take the right action in time. Moreover, as the data is processed in real-time, the action can be taken instantly. The security officer can report any threat to security as well as lone worker protection due to a breach in safety measures.

Cloud technology for easy and effective computing

Cloud technology

Our security guard patrol monitoring systems are equipped with cloud technology. This makes our patrol guard system accessible from anywhere and anytime. The management, supervisors as well as the security guards can access the patrol management system from their handheld devices (security guard interface) as well as computers (for supervisors exclusively). This makes processes quick and every effective and allows enough time to each party to decide the right course of action.

Automation at its best

Automation at its best

The most advantageous feature of guard patrol monitoring systems is that it automates all the systems of your organization. You can easily assess the workforce requirements, forecast demand and acquire the right talent at the right time. Guard patrol monitoring systems also allows you to schedule the guard shifts and ensure optimum utilization of resources. The security guards can also confirm their availability or check the scheduling and request changes in the security guard patrolling system and maximize their output.

One point solution for security management

One point solution

Security guard management is very important and with our patrol management system you can effectively ensure full efficacy. The security guard patrol services are integrated with your existing systems including workforce planning software as well as attendance management system. The software is developed keeping in mind the quality of services as well as user-friendliness. You can assess all features with great ease and strengthen your enterprise security. From sending instructions to the security guards to making shifts and assigning schedules and duties, you can enjoy a range of features with our advanced solutions.

Affordable guard patrol monitoring system

Affordable guard

At Novagems, we take pride in being a reliable security guard patrol monitoring system for a choice of hundreds of businesses and industries. We are known for our feature-rich offerings as well as affordable solutions. We understand how important it is to maintain cost-effectiveness in all your operations. With our affordable solutions, you can ensure optimum utilization of resources and get a myriad of benefits at a budget friendly price.

Connect with us for your guard patrol monitoring systems and let our experts help you with a customized solution. We make bespoke solutions as per your requirements and ensure that you take advantage of our feature-rich software without any complications.

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