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Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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The security tracking guard system allows establishing a guard tour system effectively. Enjoy the benefits of guard tracking system and increase your efficiency.

Guard Tracking System | Novagems – Novagems

Guard Tracking System

Real-time situational awareness of your security guard team is an added advantage that allows security guard companies to offer enhanced security to their customers. The better your security supervisor knows about the latest position and activities of the security guard, the more efficiently they can evaluate the level of security provided to the client. The modern guard tour system is fitted with GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities which make tracking and monitoring guard movements very easy and accurate. At Novagems, we develop feature-rich security guard apps for you that work on GPS based tracking features, offering you the accurate location of your security force at any given point of time.

Real-time situational awareness:

In the security industry, Real-time situational awareness is very crucial if you are willing to offer unmatched security services to your clients. With the integration of GPS technology with the modern Guard Tracking System, it has become very easy to run the real-time security business and cater to the security requirements of your clients, without any flaw.

Unlike the yesteryears, when GPS technology did nothing but create “bread-crumb trails”, modern GPS technology is advanced and reliable. You do not have to worry about frequent pings on your phone, battery drainage because of excessive usage or high data consumption. Our guard tracking system is developed on modern tech which makes GPS tracking cost and user-friendly.

A reliable tracking system for your needs:

reliable tracking

As a credible security company in the industry, you must desire to offer flawless, accurate, and advanced security to your clients. Our experts at Novagems understand your priorities and have worked meticulously in developing the best security guard software solutions. With efficiency and affordability at the core of our development process, we ensure that we come up with solutions that help security guard company officers, managers, and owners, to have an update about their security guards location and movement at all times.

Tracking and beyond:

Tracking and beyond

The security guard tracking software enabled with GPS tracking not only allows security companies to know the whereabouts of their security guards but also in authenticating various reports. The database created and maintained by the security guard tour software can be accessed by the supervisors to cross-check and verify checkpoint scans, activity reports, incident reports, visitor logs, etc. The supervisors can even get a photographic record of the guards’ movement and attach them with their reports if required.

Uncompromised security with better control:

security with better control

When you know your security guards have missed a checkpoint or deviated from the due security track, you can point it out and interrogate the reason for the deviation. The guard on duty also feels obligated to perform the duty in the due manner as they are being observed 24/7. The supervisors can rely on the periodic movement reports generated by the software or generate their own reports as and when required. The guard tour system will however generate an alert if there is any deviation in duties.

The best Guard tour system by Novagems:

Guard tour system by Novagems

By now, you must have understood how important it is to have real-time information about your security crew. The experts at Novagems understood this a long time ago and worked on developing a reliable, credible, and feature-rich guard tour system. We have integrated GPS tracking and Geo-Fence technology to offer you better control over your security crews. From guard tour and patrol tracking to mobile activity reporting and incident reporting with relevant pics, our security guard patrol management system can offer you complete details about your security guards, their movement and also maintain the complete data log for any future reference.

We value your budget:

value your budget

Most of the security businesses eye for profitability and managing the budget is the first step towards it. We respect your budget and offer you cost-effective security tour software that offers you the best security efficiency with affordability. You can always discuss your budget with us and we shall develop a bespoke software solution to match your security requirements and affordability.

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