Halloween Night: Some Quirky Costume Ideas and Safety Tips

Fri, Oct 28, 2022

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The much-awaited time of the year is around the corner - Halloween. The fun and scary festival marks the beginning of the festive season and we’re all in for the fun.

Halloween Night: Some Quirky Costume Ideas and Safety Tips

Amidst all the fun, one must note that there are many people out on the streets during the festival season. So, having safety concerns and fixing them to avoid damage or loss must be your top priority. Once your home’s security is in check, you can enjoy the festival with your friends and family worry-free.

Here, we will discuss some security measures everyone must follow to avoid break-ins or any other crimes on Halloween night. But first, let us start with the fun part - Halloween costumes.

We have listed some examples for you if you’re clueless about what you’re gonna wear:

1) Your Favorite Video Game Character

If you’re into video games, this is your best chance to show it. Depending on what type of video game you like to play, you can choose the character you want to be and dress up as the same.

Is it Mario? That’d be great, you can find yourself a Luigi and become a great pair. You can choose anyone from Ratchet to Doomguy to even Steve from Minecraft.

2) Your Favorite Superhero

It might sound cliche but dressing up as a superhero is another great Halloween costume idea. And the best part is - it is a great option for both kids and adults.

From Spiderman to Superman, Iron Man to Hulk, Thor to Loki, Batman to Antman - be whoever you want to be. It is your chance to become a real-life superhero. And trust us - this idea never fails for Halloween.

3) A Fun Character From Your Favorite Series

This one is easy because here you have to dress up as a normal human being. So, it goes the best for all the people who decide on their costume last minute.

Take your favorite episode from a series you love and dress up as your favorite character in the series. For example - if you love F.R.I.E.N.D.S., you can dress up as any of the five main characters or some other iconic characters like Mr Heckles or Janice. To make it better, learn how to deliver their signature dialogue and make things fun.

Besides these three common yet fun ideas, you can also be creative and pick a unique character from anywhere to dress up nice and have fun at Halloween. You can also dress up as your favorite drink, your favorite food, or even your favorite meme. Just don’t forget to have fun with your costume and be creative.

Now that we have talked about the costumes, let us talk about the serious business - your and your family’s safety on Halloween night.

Safety Measures to Follow on Halloween

1) Be Visible and Have Company

While Halloween is all about wandering the streets and enjoying the spookiness of the night, it is crucial to be safe. Be safe by being visible. Don’t wear something that makes you hard to see in the dark. If you are going to darker areas, wear reflective tapes on your costume or wear something that glows in the dark. Keep this tip in mind while dressing your kids up for the night. Also, walk in groups or have company with you.

2) Keep Your Home Safe and Locked

Halloween is the time when kids run around the streets, going from house to house, asking for treats. So, it is common for people to leave the door open or leave a note for the kids about the whereabouts of the candies. For example, you have to leave for a party and you leave the candies on the porch so kids can grab them.

Make sure that you are not compromising your home’s security by doing the same. If you have to leave the house, your doors should be properly locked and your alarm system must be on (if you have one). Nowadays, people also use doorbell cameras. If you have one, make sure it is turned on throughout the night.

Add extra lighting to the house with decorations and make your front, staircase, and driveway well-lit.

3) Park your cars safely

As we mentioned, people roam around the streets till odd hours during the festivals like Halloween. Plus, there are many mischievous people like teenagers who believe in vandalism.

TPing a house on Halloween is an innocent but old trick. Now, people call it fun to vandalize others’ properties. So, your car is one of the easy attacks for such miscreants. If you are visiting someone for a party or have your garage occupied, make sure you do not park your car on the street.

Your car or any other vehicle should be safe and not an easy target for people who do vandalism.

4) Keep a check on any unusual activity or people

It is easy for a crime to take place amongst the clamor of the crowd. There are parties everywhere on Halloween night and amidst music, cheers, and celebrations, things can easily get ignored.

So, keep a check on any unusual activity or people around your house. If someone is standing at your neighbor’s front door for too long while they are away, go and ask questions if it feels safe. If you find something fishy, call for help.

5) Deploy security guards wherever required

The best thing to do so you can enjoy your festival worry-free is to hire a security guard to keep an eye on your house or the area you live in.

Security guards are well-trained to smell trouble before it happens. They are alert and always ready for the right action. Deploying security guards around your house will keep you worry-free and keep crime at bay while the festivities continue. Security companies these days follow strict work patterns using tools like security guard management systems. It makes the duties of guards more reliable.

So, contact a good security company and hire security guards for Halloween night to avoid trouble and crime.

With these safety tips and fun costume ideas, we hope you will be all set for Halloween. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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