Hotel Security Workforce Management Software

With the safety of your customer in mind and an abundance of operations to manage, Hotels need reliable support to manage their workforce and security operations. With a new situation arising every day, the security guards at a Hotel need to be prepared to handle anything and everything that comes their way. Improvise security services while handling customers’ requests with the best software – Novagems.

Boost operational efficiency and provide uncompromised security to your guest with software

The hospitality industry is exposed to varied risks and incidents. Safeguarding the guests and assets from exposure is a key priority. For effective security management at Hotels, it is important to boost accountability, organize processes and safety operations, and utilize security in the best possible way. The software allows Hotel administration to have centralized control over security operations and offer matchless security and peace of mind to the hotel guests.

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    Hotel security guard software

    Mitigate risk with better control
    Gain control over your security guards and security processes with the right use of technology. Collect data and analyses to improvise security protocols to ensure peace of mind.

    Hotel security guard software

    Boost communication for smooth functioning
    A healthy communication channel between the security guards and supervisors can help prevent incidents. Allow security guards to be responsive and descriptive in incident reporting and avoid untoward incidents.

    Hotel security guard software

    Ensure compliance and integrity
    Track patrol guards and record trails for performance review. The security guards under constant watch feel more accountable to perform their duties. Ensure that the security guards are compliant with the local, state, and federal laws and protect the integrity of your business.

    Skyrocket your sales by offering a guest-friendly and safe environment through Novagems

    Novagems is the best hotel security guard software to trust for your security guard operations and guests’ management. The customizable, scalable, and adaptable nature of the hotel guard tour system allows you to manage several properties at once and ensure smooth security operations. Maintain records and review incident reports to prepare for risk management and security arrangements. Track security guards and get notified for any missed checkpoint which helps you ensure uncompromised security and protection.

    Hotel security guard software

    Train your workforce for effective performance
    The customizable nature of Novagems makes it a perfect fit for every industry including Hotels. Create security guard training modules and keep a check over the security guard compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Maintain timesheets and attendance records as well as patrol guard trail for training and performance review purposes.

    Hotel security guard software

    Automate the reporting function
    The reporting system allows security supervisors to create security guards reports on a weekly, monthly, and daily basis. The saves resources as the pre-designed report formats are easy to use and send. The limited access to the management can ensure further saving of resources as the management can generate reports and check live security guard progress in real-time.

    Why choose Novagems?

    Novagems is a scalable and adaptable hotel security workforce management software that allows hotels to boost their security operation efficiency. The hotel guard management system is feature-rich offering real-time incident reporting, communication, time and attendance tracking, security guard scheduling, and reporting assistance. The technology allows hotels to focus on the needs of their guests instead of being worried about the security of their hotel, assets, and guests all the time. Real-time communication boosts efficiency with smooth workflow management as to intimate task changes, handle incident emergencies, and process essential information. The hotel guard management software is a great aid in scheduling, incident reporting, dispatch, visitor management, and monitoring of security guards in the hotel settings.