How to bid on Government Security Contracts

September 14, 2020

The security company must choose the right bidding procedure depending upon the type of contract and the level of the requirement (local, state, or federal). The security industry experiences slit-throat competition with several national and global players showcasing their expertise and credentials.

Ensuring that you leapfrog the competition and present yourself as the most competent security guard company, you must first prove your qualification as a credible security service vendor.

Decide the security services level:

Before you bid, you must have a clear understanding of which government security services level you want to follow- local, county, state, federal, or special district. For federal security contracts, a business needs to get registered with the System of Award Management (SAM).

Create your service portfolio:

Having clarity of services you are willing to offer under a government security contract is very important. Government agencies usually combine a range of security services and products under a single category to reduce complexity and comprehensiveness. However, it is important that as you bid,

the government agency has a clear understanding of what type of product or service you are offering. To ensure your potential customers understand your offerings, you must get a clear understanding of which NAICS (North American Industry Classification) codes apply to your business. This makes searching for the appropriate bidding opportunities easier.

Where can I find security contracts?

There are many online local, county, state and federal security service portals from where you can start. It is important that you stay focused on the portals that cater to the requirements of the particular geographic area where you administer your services.

This will make the entire search operation more manageable. Check with the portal requirements and if mandatory, register to different portals that post-government security contract bidding information and links.

What are the different types of security contracts?

As appropriate to your business and offers, you must search for the right type of security contract. Some of the areas of potential opportunity include:

Security Guard Services

  • Weapons, Firearms and Ammunition

  • Safety Equipment

  • Security Equipment and Body Armor

  • Alarm Systems

  • Fire Fighting and Rescue Equipment

  • Police Equipment

  • Emergency Response

  • Security Guard Training

How to offer the best security services?**

The quality of security services is the most important evaluation factor for a security service provider. If you are providing top-notch quality, you will be able to develop trust and reputation. You must focus on the changing industry trends, train your security guards accordingly, pay them well and offer client satisfactory services to earn the status of a credible security services provider.

It is noteworthy that public sector agencies engage with companies that are reputed and hold a credible record in their respective sector. The same rule applies to the security sector as well and high preference is given to the companies who are rated trustworthy by their clients and approved as experienced business. Earn awards and accolades and do not shy away from displaying them whenever required. Bagging government security contracts can be the biggest gig for your security company. Happy Bidding !!

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