How To Get Security Contracts This Holiday Season

Mon, Dec 5, 2022

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The holiday season is upon us and people are traveling, enjoying their holidays, visiting relatives, and whatnot. Amidst all the bustle, offices and houses are to be left behind, making them an easy target for robbers and other criminals.

How To Get Security Contracts This Holiday Season

Property owners are constantly worried about the security of their offices and homes while they are away. Thus, they look for security guards to enjoy their time worry-free. That’s why there are higher chances of getting security guard contracts during the holiday season.

So, if your security company is looking forward to bagging more contracts, the best time to try is around Christmas and New Year. Let us look at the places you can look for such jobs and find the best response:

Where to Hunt For Security Guard Contracts?

1) Indeed

If you don’t know already, Indeed is a famous job portal used globally. When you search on Google for security jobs, you will find Indeed’s name in the top search results. 

On Indeed, you may find the best-suited job where you can apply as an independent security guard or as an agency. You can browse through hundreds of job options and apply through a hassle-free process. The job list shows tabs like salary, part-time/full-time, shift time, etc. for easy browsing.

2) Workopolis

A Canada-based job portal, Workopolis has a great number of jobs available for security guards. So, keep an eye on the job updates on this one. You can set reminders via email whenever someone posts a security job on Workopolis. 

It will help you apply to as many jobs as possible, before other security companies and guards. On the other hand, you can simply type in your job keywords and browse through the hundreds of jobs available there. 
Once you are in talks with the employer, you can give your best shot to grab the security contracts for bid.

3) Glassdoor

We all know Glassdoor as a review platform where employees give reviews to companies. However, this platform is more than that and you can very well use it to look for security jobs. 
The plus point of Glassdoor is that you may get to learn a thing or two about the employer or your client through the reviews. So, you can get in security guard contracts with the right parties only.

4) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a well-known professional network and if used wisely, it can help you bag many contracts, even as a security company. We all know that a majority of professionals, CEOs, Company Directors, Business Owners, Admin professionals, and Human Resources people are on LinkedIn.

You can initiate a conversation with them through LinkedIn InMails or add them to your network and talk about your services. Business owners or builders constantly use security services and if you can convince them that their current security company isn’t as good as yours, the contract is yours!

Besides, you can browse through LinkedIn jobs and look for companies or professionals looking for security guards for their offices.

05) Bark

Another famous site where you can look for security jobs is Bark. It was founded in 2014 and offers users with a great deal of job options to browse through. All you need to do is type in your search keywords like - security, security guard, etc. and select the category from the drop-down that appears.

Then, enter your pin code to find location-specific jobs and you will have a list of jobs as per your search query. You can create a professional account on Bark and get alerts for the relevant jobs.

06) Government Bids

You can also take help from your local government websites. These websites provide information about the jobs available in the government sector. For example, if a government building needs security services, they will put it on the official website from where you can make a bid and secure the job.

Such contracts are a big deal and add a lot to the reputation of your security company. So, never leave out this option as you can secure some good contracts this way.

07) Your Email Lists

Emails are an underrated yet effective medium to get more contracts for your security business during the holiday season. All you need is a pre-planned campaign that starts sending emails to prospects in advance.

The idea is to let your prospects know why utilizing your security services will be the best bet for them during the holidays. Get good copywriters to write converting email copies and you can get more contracts this way.

Besides this, you may look into other mediums like word-of-mouth, phone calls, or social media to spread the word about your security services. To attract more clients, you can offer discounts for the holiday season so your services are considered.

Through these mediums and more, you can bag more security guard contracts this festive season. Just make it a point you start your search and plan beforehand. It is tough to get to the prospects during the holiday season because then they get occupied and already have made arrangements for their security.

So, start making efforts beforehand. If you start today, you have plenty of time on your hands. Go ahead and hunt for the security contracts for bid.

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