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Mon, Sep 27, 2021

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Increasing Guard Safety - The security service companies have a team of specially-trained guards who can take a good watch and provide safety to people.

Increasing Guard Safety with GPS Tracking – Novagems

As the crime rates hike every day, the safety of people becomes questionable. Thus, with the ongoing scenarios, people are very concerned about the security of their family, friends, employees, businesses, and property. So, they invest hugely in security services to be safe and keep an eye on everything they are concerned about. A lot of people hire public security service providers so that they can be safe and live worry-free.

The security service companies have a team of specially-trained guards who can take a good watch and provide safety to people. Given the type of services they provide, these guards face situations where their life can be in danger. They never know what they will witness the next day. So, their safety is also an issue for these companies. Thankfully, these days security companies seek help from the latest technology to provide safety to their employees.

Security guards are well-equipped with a tracking system and weapons to tackle the emergency. For security service providers, GPS is one of the most common and widely used technologies. It is also one of the most effective tools for security companies. From tracking the daily activity of guards to checking if your employees are safe, GPS helps in many ways.

GPS and Security Guards

GPS and Security Guards

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It helps you get some information about the person or devices you are tracking. The information includes anything from live coordinates of a person’s location or time-stamped historical information.

Security guard companies can collect this information by installing a guard tracking system on their smartphones. These systems provide data that can be visualized or tracked on a map. A security company that is serious about their employees provides a GPS tracking system for their guards so that they don’t miss it by any chance.

How Can Public Security Companies Use GPS? Security companies nowadays rely on GPS technology like never before. It helps track their guards’ whereabouts and their daily activity. A guard tracking system plays a crucial role for security guard companies as this technology will help the company to have a bigger vision than ever. It expands their visibility in time when remote supervision is critical.

Here are the ways these companies use GPS technology in the new normal.

Tracking remote team activity as they complete their tours

Confirming a guard’s location while on patrol between sites

Ensuring guards stay within or out of a defined area

1. Tracking remote team activity as they complete their tours

Tracking remote

Physical security can be remotely monitored by visualizing, tracking, and controlling a security guard’s activity and actions during working hours. Remote monitoring through GPS helps supervisors vouch large or multiple sites in different locations and send help to the guards when needed.

If the guards have GPS tracking devices, then the management can get real-time feedback through remote monitoring. The supervisor can track the location of guards so that they can be deployed or alerted quickly in case of emergencies.

The best thing about a GPS tracking system is that it can help security companies provide fast help to the guards. Features like panic alert and incident reporting help the guards send quick alerts to the command center, from where they can get the required help and support. It is beneficial for the safety of the guards and the reputation of a security company.

2. Confirming A Guard’s Location While On Patrol Between Sites

When you use a GPS tracking system installed on the mobiles of your security guards, you can control it from a central hub, such as a command centre.

Here, supervisors get all the feedback and information from their guards, even if they are on patrol duty. Through this feedback, the supervisor can track the route of the guard’s tours and learn if they are patrolling within a designated route. Through this, the supervisor can notify the guards if they miss any checkpoint.

A command center uses the GPS tour patrol system to provide support to supervisors overseeing large or multiple sites in different locations, each with its security challenges. Here’s how:

Remote monitoring with a GPS tracking system ensures that contract agreements and SOPs are met. Supervisors will have constant visibility on the guards and facilities they are tasked with securing. Supervisors will know who is working on the specific checkpoints and if they have covered them or not. If an emergency arises, supervisors can quickly take the desired action based on a guard’s proximity, or GPS location

3. Ensuring guards stay in or out of a defined area

Ensuring guards

With the help of a guard tracking system, a supervisor may track wherever a guard is in proximity to different guards in the same location. This ensures that supervisors facilitate guards to maintain physical distancing compliance.

Tools like video systems employed in physical security (like CCTV) have long been the gold commonplace for remote supervising. On top of that, most guard tracking devices these days have the feature of Geofencing that notifies the management when the guard enters or leaves the spot of duty.

Why Do Security Companies Need a GPS Guard Tour System? Security companies have a decent number of guards and keeping track of each one of them manually doesn’t seem feasible. So, GPS-enabled devices save the day for these companies. If you own a security company and haven’t been using such a system yet, here are some points you can take care of:

Learn how and wherever your business can use a guard tracking system to observe sites. Look into the benefits of such a system. Evaluate the sort of devices you will need and who all needs to get those devices. Most GPS tracking systems these days can easily be installed on mobile devices. Set standards for BYOD (bring your own device) or worker work devices. Know the pros and cons of deploying GPS technology in your business. As security firms work to take care of remote supervision on their teams, GPS technology can enable businesses to firmly track and remotely monitor their sites. The information taken from GPS technology will be taken as a part of a security company’s justification of their guard’s location throughout any given shift. Such information is particularly valuable once additional supervisors are working on remote monitoring or the same site.

If you think your security company needs such a guard tracking system, you can get in touch with Novagems. Our GPS-enabled technology can help your company connect as a whole and work smoothly. So, get in touch with us and let us know how we can assist you.

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