Employee Activity Tracker: Tips To Optimize Work Performance

Mon, Feb 26, 2024

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You can easily elevate and optimize your employee engagement with an employee tracking software. Want to know how? Read on to know the benefits and how the system helps in work performance.

Employee Activity Tracker: Tips To Optimize Work Performance

Happy, engaged employees are more productive, creative, and less likely to leave. But how do you optimize work performance without resorting to micromanagement or creating a “Big Brother’’ environment? With an employee activity tracker of course! It will act as your substitute whether you are around or not. Now you do not have to be the bad guy who is always hovering over the employees desks keeping an eye on them. 

Your employees are handling many tasks at once and you cannot expect them to give you a report every minute. One key factor that significantly influences productivity is employee activity. By effectively tracking and managing employee activity, businesses can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance performance. How many might be wondering if employee activity tracking is ethical or not. 

Before you come to any conclusion. Let me clear some things for you. The system is not for spying, it is to gain valuable insights on how your team actually works. It helps you identify the areas of improvement and even draw out employee engagement. It can become the game changer in your business, if used properly. 

Importance of Employee Activity in Organizational Success

Employee activity includes tasks, projects, and actions performed by employees within an organization. It includes both productive work and non-work-related activities. Understanding how employees spend their time is important to understand pain points, streamlining processes, and maximizing efficiency.

Any organization cannot talk about success without talking about employee engagement. Think about it from the company’s perspective. The more productive employees are, the more work gets done in less time. This can lead to happier customers, higher profits, and even opportunities for the company to grow and expand. It’s like the fuel that keeps the engine running smoothly. When employees are active and doing their work effectively, it boosts the overall productivity of the company. 

Employee tracking software acts as an active factor that helps in 

  • Gaining operational efficiency 
  • Complete deadlines 
  • And promote positive work culture
  • Increasing employees’ productivity

Understanding the Dynamics of Employee Activity

If you are looking to increase work productivity you need to understand why the employees are lacking in any area. You need to understand the activities of your employees. If you understand the factors that are affecting the employee’s efficiency then you can easily address them and make your employees understand the need.

Types Of Activities Your Employees Do

  • Daily Tasks 

These are the tasks your employees do on a daily basis. They are the tasks on which your company is running. These are the routine responsibilities that an employee will perform  when he logs in till the time he logs out. If you use an employee tracking software to monitor these activities then you can streamline the processes. Check where the employees are spending unnecessary time and help them optimize the time from there. 

  • Project Related Tasks 

There comes a time when some employees will need to handle special tasks related to some projects. Or they might even need to juggle different tasks from time to time. Work productivity can get affected during those times. The system will help you and the employees keep a track of the timelines and milestones achieved during those times. The employees can monitor the progress easily and meet deadlines without any delays. 

  • Collaborative Activities 

Collaboration is the backbone of many companies. Employee engagement plays a critical role in maintaining a smooth channel for communication. Your employees might need to engage in team meetings, brainstorming activities and group projects. The employee activity tracking system will ensure that the communication is smooth, and work is delivered on time. 

Engaging Strategies to Promote Employee Activity

You need to keep the employees engaged and happy without compromising on the quality. And how will you do that? You do not need to scratch your head for that. You just need to make these minute changes in your organization and voila! See the magic happen

Positive Work Culture 

Employees like working in the organizations they feel valued and appreciated. You can make that happen by simply recognizing the hard working employees, celebrating achievements or creating opportunities for team bonding. This can happen by having simple team lunches, fun activities etc.

Employee Training and Development Programs 

If an employee feels that they have a scope of growth in the company, they will feel motivated to achieve more. This will directly impact their performance and productivity. If you invest in employee training and development programs the employees can increase their knowledge and capabilities to achieve more. 

Flexible Working Arrangements 

If you provide remote working options to your employees they have the luxury to work according to their preferences. With employee tracking software you can easily tack their activities and working hours so that the business is not affected. And at the same time give flexibility to the employees. This will meet the diverse needs of the employees and directly impact their work productivity. 

Technology Integration 

There are many tools available in the market that will help you in actively tracking the employees’ activities. Novagems, an employee tracking software with scheduling and workforce management features allows you to do the same easily. It provides many other features like - 

  • GPS Tracking and geofencing 
  • Digital timesheets
  • Customizable checklists
  • Visual proofs logging 

You will have a highly efficient and productive team if you have employee tracking software like Novagems. You can manage different departments of the company using one single solution. It empowers the team with the right tools and features they need to excel in their work and make virtual team management easy for you. Using collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams helps in real time collaboration amongst different departments of the company.

Benefits of Employee Activity Tracking 

Increased work productivity - Effective monitoring on the staff will automatically increase the productivity of the team. You can easily identify the patterns, trends and accountability of the staff. 

  • Performance Evaluation - Employee tracking software provides objective data for performance evaluation. Hence allowing managers to recognize top performers, provide targeted feedback, and identify areas for skill development.
  • Data driven decisions - When you have all of the data in one place the managers can review it and give constructive feedback when needed. 
  • Increased employee engagement - To increase job satisfaction and morale level, the tool is very helpful. 
  • Employee empowerment - With valuable data insights provided the staff can make respective changes in their own performance. They can make adjustments on personal levels to increase efficiency and productivity. 


Employee tracking software is a powerful tool for optimizing work productivity in today’s dynamic business environment. It helps you in achieving organizational goals and success and gives a boost to the operational strategies.

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