Hospital Security Management System | Healthcare Security Workforce Management – Novagems

Tue, Jul 20, 2021

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Hospital security management system promotes operational efficacy. Best rated hospital security management software for healthcare security workforce management

Hospital Security Management System | Healthcare Security Workforce Management – Novagems

Novagems: the only Hospital Guard Management Software you need

Hospitals and other Healthcare facilities house the most vulnerable people. Safeguarding them with practices beyond medication is expected from hospital authorities. The risks at healthcare facilities are difficult in nature. From emergency evacuation to managing crowds and disorderly behavior, all demand great efficiency and effective communication. Let your security guards, hospital staff, and administrative wing work in great coordination by implementing Healthcare Security Software. Healthcare security risk management is a comprehensive task with several internal parties such as staff, patients, physicians, security guards as well as external pates like the fire department, police, and other emergency services involved. Boost security effectively while managing all the associated parties with perfection.

Novagems is the best Hospital Security Management Software that answers to all your security and management-related concerns. With features like real-time incident reporting, time and attendance tracking, employee scheduling, and remote monitoring, the Hospital Security Software caters to hospital security management requirements.

Practice uncompromised security:

Level up the hospital security with security guards accountable for their actions. Record trails and evaluate performance based on digital records. Also, maintain records of patients, visitors, incidents, and site rounds through the Hospital Security System and take the reference as and when required.

Upgrade security guards with a centralized training:

Create customized security training modules and ensure top-notch security arrangements. Maintain compliance and all necessary certification of the security guards.

Safeguard your data with digital records:

Digital records and limited access to private and confidential information ensure high security of hospital staff. Safeguard your patient’s privacy and adhere to HIPAA Policy without fail with restrictive access to records.

Novagems: the only Hospital Guard Management Software you need

Novagems caters to all the security and guard management requirements at a healthcare facility. With customizable features, Healthcare Security Software proves as a one-stop-shop for security management requirements.

Monitor activities and report incident:

You can monitor daily activity and create security guards reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Send reports to the stakeholders and keep them updated on the security arrangements at the facility. The real-time communication feature of a Hospital Guard Tour System allows a security guard to report incidents and save expensive damages.

Track attendance and time:

Focus on your core operations and let the Hospital Guard Management System take responsibility for time and attendance tracking. Utilize error-free payroll processing and ensure compliance with compliance. Boost accountability in security guards and management leaves and absenteeism to boost productivity.

Scheduling and open shifts:

Automate the scheduling process and make customized security guard schedules. Open shifts and get acknowledgment from the guards and also requests for shift swap, leave, or any other concern. The healthcare security workforce management allows making real-time changes to fine-tune the schedules.

Monitor and track security guard movement:

Let the patrol guards work diligently while you monitor and track their movement, record trails, and get notified of any missed checkpoint. The security supervisors can monitor multiple sites at one time, saving expensive onsite supervision costs.

Visitor reports:

Record who and what comes in and goes out of the premises. The security guards can log the visitor details which can be utilized later for analytics purposes. Maintain patients record and evaluate the core areas of focus for healthcare productivity.

Automated reporting system:

Let the administrative team know about the progress and update the management with security reports without fail. Offer personalized access to the authorities to check the reports on their own and save resources.

Why choose Novagems?

Hospital security is crucial and demands modern measures. Novagems, the best Hospital Security Management Software, is designed to handle unique security requirements at hospitals and healthcare facilities and ensure smooth functioning. The hospital staff can feel safe working under the guard of expert security personnel and incidents can be reported in real-time. The security guards enjoy using ready to use reports formats and manage security details with finesse.

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