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Mon, Nov 22, 2021

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With the help of a security guard management tool, the supervisors or management of a security company can solve a lot of their troubles.

Top 5 features of an outstanding security guard management system - Novagems

Security companies struggle day in and day out to manage every task efficiently. With a growing number of guards, managing shift timings, client locations, and patrolling routes become harder. If the struggle seems familiar to you, we have the best solution for you – security guard management software!

With the help of a security guard management tool, the supervisors or management of a security company can solve a lot of their troubles. From managing daily schedules to sending immediate help in emergencies, the managers can do a lot at their fingertips. So, if you have been looking for such a solution, we have got you covered.

Still not sure? Let us have a look at the top features of an outstanding security guard management software. With these features, a lot can be handled and managed well, making the life of security company supervisors and guards easy!

1) Real-time tracking

It is rather challenging to manage the ground forces with an old approach manually. With an advanced security guard management system, you can keep an eye on all your security guards in real-time. You can keep them updated with the changes in duties and patrol schedules. When used by patrolling guards, the system also helps them locate and follow the allocated route. In case they waver from it, the system notifies them.

The system sets up a GPS path that provides the real-time position of the guards. So, the supervisors can keep track of the location and whereabouts of a guard. Also, in case of emergencies, the supervisors can send immediate help to the exact location of the guards. All thanks to real-time tracking!

The Geo-Fencing and GPS technologies update the guard’s movement at every single moment. Geo-fence is a location-based technology where an app uses GPS or cellular data to help the user track a mobile device. The technology triggers a pre-programmed action when the said device enters or exits a virtual barrier set up for a geographical location. The location is known as a geofence.

A guard management tool provides real-time data like tracking, scheduling, emergency alarms, incident reporting, etc. So, it makes things safer at the end of security guards and faster at the end of supervisors.

2) Cloud system


The cloud system in the security guard management system is a great innovation, and it is the future of all systems. It can virtually operate and manage security guards from anywhere in the world. It comes with the feature in which we can access and monitor all the guards’ data through our mobile device while sitting in some corner of the world. So, even if your supervisors are working from a different country, they can still keep a close eye on the guards. The system makes things easier to transfer and can be operated very easily. It has brought great effectiveness and flexibility to the overall work system of security guard management.

3) User-friendly

The execution of a security guard management system is not that complicated. You can easily download this software on any smart device like smartphones, tablets, and a personal computer for supervision. There is no need to waste money on installing expensive equipment to implement this system. Also, with the growing technological dependence, these devices are so handy that you can operate the system from anywhere at any time. All you need is your smartphone, and you can perform basic operations like notifying the guards anywhere. Even for the security guards, the system is easy to use. With a little bit of training, they can be well-taught how to use the system to the advantage of everyone. So, all your security guard management solutions are just one tap away!

4) Advanced reporting


It was a messy job for the management to make the chart for the reporting of the security guards at different sites. A manager’s job is to convey their positions in advance. The process takes a lot of time! However, with the help of this system, you can easily send alerts and notifications about the schedules of the security guards.

Once signed in, the security guards can easily report, and the supervisor can keep their weekly and monthly data saved for final report creation. You can access the data over time as it will be on the cloud.

5) Easy Scheduling


Half of a manager’s time gets wasted when they have to create and share schedules every day. So, why not automate the scheduling part and make it faster? A security guard management tool saves you from being stuck in a rut. You only have to create the schedule one time and save it as a template for future use. You can copy-paste the same template for daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. If you have to make any changes, you can edit the template. So, it saves time and allows uniformity within the system. You can also save the schedules to create records or payrolls. You can also use color-coding to assign roles to different guards.

So, this was all about the features of a security guard management system! If you are looking for one, get in touch with Novagems. We have one of the best software programs with many other features along with the above-given features. With easy installation, free consultation, and hassle-free management, the system makes the life of security guard companies easier. So, let’s talk and discuss the benefits of having such a system at hand!

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