Leveraging Positive Google Reviews To Grow Your Cleaning Company

Thu, Oct 27, 2022

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The cleaning industry is getting more competitive by the day, and businesses need to get innovative to survive in this environment. Furthermore, the pandemic has further increased people’s focus on hygiene, which translates to increased demand. In addition, the modern digital age requires businesses to maintain an effective online presence.

Leveraging Positive Google Reviews To Grow Your Cleaning Company

With an online presence comes a platform where people can be candid about the business through reviews. Numbers suggest about 93% of people judge the quality of a business through reviews. Hence cleaning businesses have no option but to have positive Google reviews to put their business on a growth trajectory. But how? Continue reading to learn more on the subject and take your business to new heights.

But Do Google Reviews Make Any Difference?

The answer is a resounding yes because Google reviews much more than you would imagine. An age-old theory called social proof has been around since 1948. Social proof refers to the human tendency to copy others in an attempt to gain better acceptance in general. It means that decision-making becomes easier for people when they see their peers making similar decisions.

In this digitized environment, people are heavily hooked on different social media and similar platforms. Hence people also tend to leave reviews on these platforms for any product or service they might have used. So, naturally, your customers will first refer to these reviews before choosing your cleaning business over your competitors.

But this can go wrong if your Google page features many negative reviews. These negative reviews can disrupt your business’ reputation and drive away customers. So there is no debate about whether customer reviews are important in today’s day and age. Hence make sure your business page has at least 40 reviews, as it helps enhance the credibility of your business.

Tips To Get Positive Google Reviews For Your Cleaning Business

Getting positive Google reviews can be very beneficial for your cleaning business. But getting these reviews is not as simple as you might have imagined. People on the internet can be very mean for no apparent chances. So make sure you leverage these following to ensure your cleaning business has nothing but positive reviews on Google.

  • Quality Service: What can impress your customers more than great quality service? Every cleaning business needs to ensure the unmatched quality of its services to ensure its positive customer reviews. You must have competent employees who communicate with your customers and meet all their requirements. One easy way to enhance the efficacy of your employees is by using the features of modern cleaning workforce management software. These solutions are ideally designed to help you deliver great quality service.

  • Ask Customers For Positive Reviews: Simply providing quality services might not always be enough to convince your customers to give positive reviews. Besides, many people are just too lazy even to make an effort to add positive reviews. The best way to deal with this issue is by sometimes asking your customers to add reviews.

    People tend to presume that it will make them appear needy. But you need to run a business, and appearing needy to someone for your interest should be the least of your concerns. So feel free to ask your customers to add positive reviews on your business page, as it will help your cleaning business grow.

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Customer experience has become a term mostly thrown around for the digital environment. But customer experience is more vast than this as it also includes good behavior with customers, quality service, and much more. When customers have a delightful experience leveraging your cleaning services, they will be more likely to add a positive review on your page. You can even use different features of advanced online cleaning scheduling software to deliver a better experience.

  • Address The Concerns Raised in Negative Reviews: No matter how much effort you put it is never possible to get cent percent positive reviews. But when you get such reviews, make sure you act on them proactively. This will help create a better image of your cleaning business in front of customers. Consequently, it will help you get more positive reviews for all your efforts.

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