Mobile Patrol

Securing assets and premises is very important as well as critical. Before something happens, it is important to take the required preventive steps and ensure that the risk of theft, vandalism and other damages is deterred effectively. This is where Novagems can be trusted for full-proof security arrangements and easy maintenance of security protocol. Our mobile patrol system allows our clients to offer uncompromised security services, 24X7. Through mobile patrols, efficient and trained security guards can be deployed and monitored at the client location while checking on the property, by inspecting them randomly but at regimented times. At Novagems, the security specialists will sit with you and discuss the best software features that help you strengthen your security arrangements to ensure that you are able to secure the premises of your clients and accordingly design the best security guard patrolling strategies. We are dedicated to offer mobile patrol security services and proficient mobile patrol solutions to ensure your security services are second to none.

Manage your team of trained and competent security personnel:

Your team of security guards is known for their efficiency and accuracy. With mobile patrol software, you can ensure that efficiency is maintained in the same way throughout your operations. Each member of the team is well trained and experienced in handling security requirements and our software allows you to ensure that they work to the best of their potential. Our software allows you to keep a close eye over the movement of your security guards and ensure no patrol checks are missed. With experience of handling a range of projects from different industries, we have achieved versatility in our skills and hence understand the requirement of the client to the core and appropriately design solutions that cater to the security and safety requirements.

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    Every business is unique and so are its security requirements. At Novagems, we value the exclusivity of your business and ensure that we offer you tailor-made solutions. You can offer bespoke security solutions & security mobile patrol services to your clients after assessing the nature of their industry and analyzing the risks posed to it. As the best security guard mobile patrol software, we value your inputs to the core and ensure that the inspection feature and reporting program is designed to cater to your unique requirements for safekeeping a range of assets.

    Some of the key aspects that we consider while developing a mobile patrol software include:

    • Real time data analysis & incident reporting
      Our security guard software systems allow mobile patrol company, to assess the data in real time. Any and every incident is reported to the supervisors without any time loss and a complete data log is maintained on the cloud-based mobile patrol software. The supervisors have complete access to the data log at any time. However, if there is an incident like missed check or absent security guards, the supervisors get an instant alert regarding the same.
    • Comprehensive protective cover
      We are aimed to provide our clients with the ability to offer a 360-degree level of security to their clients using our mobile patrol software services. Security Guard companies can create different schedules for Exterior inspections, Interior inspections, Locking/unlocking of premises, etc. The software ensures that the vital threat areas of any property are vigilantly covered by the reporting system and the security guards have ability to instantly respond to the alarm generated through the alarm management system.

    Benefits of guard patrol software:

    When you engage the best guard patrol software by Novagems, you get access to a myriad of benefits in context to the savings of resources, efficiency and utmost safety. With the advanced mobile patrol solutions by Novagems, you can ensure that you get the security procedures handled faster, better, cheaper and offer uncompromised mobile patrol services. Some of the key benefits of engaging us for mobile patrol guard system include:

    •         Accuracy in tracking the security guard movement
    •         Assessing the efficiency of security system through live tracking
    •         Reduced cost of operations
    •         Low time gap between different sites
    •         Visual inspection on mobile patrol
    •         Real time assessment
    •         Google Map integration
    •         Uncompromised security

    Bring cost-efficiency to your security system:

    As important as it is to have an efficient security guard mobile patrol software in place, it is also important that you invest enough money in it. Sadly, at times, wrongful investment in security systems can expose you to a greater risk. To ensure you get the best benefits from the guard patrol system at a budget price, we offer you our guard patrol software that is cost-effective and curated as per your needs. By automating a range of processes and systems with mobile patrol software, we ensure that we help you save a lot of money and other resources in the long run.