How Physical Security can utilize the Security Incident Management System

Tue, Nov 10, 2020

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The physical security requirements of facilities can be handled effectively by Incident Management System. The real-time communication makes security teams proactive in incident reporting.

How Physical Security can utilize the Security Incident Management System

An incident is just the tip of the iceberg, a sign of a much larger problem below the surface - Don Brown

The need for reliable incident reporting is imperative for top-notch physical security. A credible Security Incident Management System can simplify and organize the process of incident reporting. It also can ensure a quick address to adverse situations. Irrespective of the nature of the business, incidents occurrence is common. However, a powerful Security Incident Management Software can prove very helpful in managing the incidents. The software makes incident management very easy and effective. This improvises the extent of security at business premises and facilities and contributes to performance improvement.

In this post, we will discuss the key features of a good the best incident management software. We will also explain how the software is beneficial for physical security. But, first, let us understand Physical security and how it is important for businesses.

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Physical security covers the requirement of protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks, data, and all other types of assets from any physical events or actions that can lead to loss or damage to a business. The protection is from all risk factors including fire, flood, natural disasters, theft, break-ins, vandalism, terrorism, burglary, and more. There are three core components of Physical security:

  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Redressal

The security service providers must understand all three components to ensure uncompromised security. Hardening Access Control will protect the sites against trespassing and related risks. The Surveillance will help identify any risk in case the access control measures fail. Finally, it is effective management that ensures easy control of the situation or incident. It also means that the damage can be eliminated or minimized.

Adding locks, access control cards, biometric access systems, and visitor’s cards are certain measures for access control. For surveillance, the security company would use security system cameras, notification systems, GeoFencing technology, GPS tracking, and more. The redressal can be very well handled using an Incident Management System.

Adding locks

Physical security measures are the first line of defense of any business or organization. If the physical security measures fail, incidents are bound to happen. This means that the assets of the organization including human resources are exposed to several risks. Having string systems like Incident Management tools are important for effective security management at organizations, agencies, and other businesses. These systems ensure that the security companies have strong control over the security processes and also pre-defined measures to address and prevent incidents.

How do Incident Management tools help strengthen Physical Security?

Incident Management Systems boost the efficacy of physical security measures in an organization. Some of the core features of the system that boosts physical security includes:

  • Real-time communication

The ability to communicate with the supervisors in real-time offers great efficiency to the security guards. A real-time and hassle-free communication system enhances work efficacy. The information related to an incident can be reported instantly by the guards. Similarly, the supervisors can address the situation and release instructions to the guards. All the information and communication is managed from a central location.

  • Ease of record maintenance:

Because all the data is processed from a single platform, the information is stored safely.  The security supervisor as well as the client have the access to this data. Generating reports, managing performance and preparing strategies become easier and effective. As each incident is recorded along with the prevention and redressal actions taken, there is a handy guide readily available to refer to in case of future incidents.

  • Prevents incidents without time delay:

From security break-ins to fraud identity detection, lone worker management to missed checkpoint notification, and more, incident reporting systems ensure incidents are prevented at the earliest. The Incident Management Software works as a preventive tool in helping security companies to avoid incidents like these. It also ensures that no case goes unnoticed.

  • Follow up with corrective actions:

As the software records both incidents and corrective measures, the record comes helpful in the future. The security guards can refer to the corrective measures and ensure quick redressal of future incidents. The information also proves handy in making operational plans, formulating comprehensive periodic reports, tracking information requests, and maintaining correct records. Modern Incident Reporting Solution also comes with analytical features that helps security supervisors to identify risk trends. The supervisors can utilize the software to implement corrective actions. 

  • Enhanced security 

The technologies like GPS tracking and GeoFencing allow supervisors to track and monitor patrol guard’s movement. Any missed critical checkpoint is notified to the supervisor and appropriate action can be taken. The security officer on site can communicate with the guard in real-time about the deviation in the patrol route or missed checkpoint. This boosts the security guard’s accountability while ensuring enhanced safety.

  • Promotes transparency:

The software offers a feature for client access. The feature enables security guard companies to offer selective access to the clients. This boosts transparency in operations. The client can access security guard incident reports and measures taken against them and rest assured of the best security. Besides, it also helps the client evaluate the efficiency of the security team, which is in charge of safeguarding the premises. This boosts the feeling of trust and reliability in business relations.

  • Effective resource management:

The Security Incident Reporting tools come with features like backend management, easy reporting, workforce management, payroll management, scheduling, and more. These features save a lot of time, effort, and money. For example, supervisors can utilize scheduling features to create and open shifts. The security guards can acknowledge the shifts and a schedule can be created. The entire process eliminates problems from absenteeism or unavailability of the optimal workforce. 

  • Automation:

Automation, in current times, is important for work efficiency. It eliminates the need for manual documentation. All the data of security guards tours, incidents reported, and the measures taken to prevent them are recorded on the software in real-time. When digital records of the incidents are maintained on the software, they become easily available for future references. A missed paper will no more be the reason for poor decision making. Besides, these records can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

  • Resource Management

A SIMS (Security Incident Management System) can assist in resource management during security incidents. It allows physical security teams to allocate resources effectively by assessing the severity and priority of incidents. This ensures that the right personnel and equipment are deployed to handle each situation, optimizing resource utilization and response efficiency. Physical security incident management software will allow you to put the right number of guards at the right place.

  • Integration with Emergency Response Systems

A SIMS can integrate with emergency response systems, such as mass notification systems or emergency management platforms. This integration enables seamless coordination between physical security teams and emergency responders, facilitating swift and coordinated response during critical incidents or emergencies. Physical security incident management must have all the appropriate tools needed to minimize the damage.

  • Executive Reporting and Dashboards

A SIMS can generate executive-level reports and dashboards to provide key stakeholders with a holistic view of security incidents, response metrics, and trends. These reports help leadership make informed decisions, allocate resources, and assess the overall security posture of the organization.

How to choose the best Incident Management Solution for physical security operations?

A security company is responsible to ensure the physical security of a sizable property and surroundings. On an average, security teams look over for the security of more than 1,000,000 square feet. Managing security and security guard incident reporting for such a large area is critical. Especially when larger areas are more susceptible to incident overloads. This means the security guard company needs to be very attentive and responsible… 

Luckily, you can rely on an Incident management system for your physical security operations. But, how to choose the best one? Well, you must first know the requirements of physical security and then the key characteristics of the software. 

Down below, we have covered both the aspects so read till the end.

What are the physical security requirements?

To identify the requirements, you must think about what is important to you. Also, have a clear understanding of the security goals and challenges you may face. Besides hiring a credible security guard taskforce, you will also need to ensure that they are befitted with all the required resources. An Incident management software will cover all the requirements. 

The incident management system will enable the security teams to deal with fights, theft, arson, disorderly conduct, hazardous wastes, or any other unpleasant incident. 

The software allows your security teams to be quick and effective and at the same time offer your clients a sense of trust as they work on their revenue generation goals.

Finding the best incident reporting software: It can be an intimidating task, especially when the market offers hundreds of options. You must know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are a few tips:

  • Know the characteristics:

As aforesaid, you must know what to expect. Some core features to look for in incident management software include:

Know the characteristics

  1. Guard patrol management and tracking 
  2. Panic Alert
  3. Schedule Status
  4. Incident reporting
  5. Real-time processing 
  6. Back office management
  7. Reports generation 
  8. Client access

If you make the software buying decision based on these features, you sure will get the best benefits.

  • Evaluate the company: The company offering an Incident Management Tool must be a credible business. From a great track record to pleasing customer reviews, the company must have good background details.
  • Ask for referrals: You are investing in an asset and asking a lot of questions is the right thing to do. You must ask for referrals. As soon as you get the referrals, approach them, and ask about their experience with the software provider. If the company hesitates in offering you the referrals, consider it as a red flag.
  • Compare the price: Incident Management Software comes at a price and it must be such that you enjoy returns on your investments. Before investing in software make sure you do some market research. Know the price of the software and compare it with similar products. Compare the company, features, and other aspects of the software as well.

A Security Incident Management system is the need of the hour. A security management company must invest in software that allows responsive incident management. While many software qualifies as the best, we firmly believe that Novagems is the most reliable. The software is developed with incident management operations in the core. It’s a feature-rich software to rely on for organizational physical security requirements.

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