Difficult Incidents, Easy Reporting and Automatic Delivery with workforce management software

Reporting – View & Resolve – Incident, Maintenance , Activity

Reporting is an integral part of Security industry and is an important aspect in making the security industry formalised and successful . At Novagems, we want managers to move out of papers and excel sheets era and use the simple template-based themes to work for you. Every module in Novagems system is actually diverging to generate an automated or user-specific report.

Post Order Management

From every shift or schedule in progress , concerned managers and clients require the need of document acknowledgement and the system ensures that it is viewed by assigned officers by creating system logs.

Officer Dispatch Management

Every Nearby Patrol vehicle & Site Supervisor can be deployed to the site via dispatch management system. The complete history is maintained to ensure safety of the site. The process is in real time and high in priority sequence for instant assistance to solitary guards on site.