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Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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Every organization must pay importance to security guard management system software. Get the best security guard officer management from the best security industry specialists

Security Guard Management Software | Security Guard Tracking Software - Novagems – Novagems

NFC & QR Code Checkpoint Tours

  • Empower the Guards to monitor each floors of site

  • Ensures Security of every single place your vicinity

  • Strategic Security Guard Management with NFC & QR Codes

Befit your guard monitoring with advance tech with NFC & QR Code checkpoint tour system. You can easily keep track of the security guard movement and provide them with assistance at every level of security. No matter which level, which place, or what part of the client site your security guards software are at, you can easily reach to them and track them using the security guard management system.

Novagems enable the security guards equally and offer them the inability to effectively monitor every nook and corner of the property and offer accurate surveillance. Easy to use and integrate, the security guard company software promotes efficacy and accuracy through NFC & QR Code Checkpoint Tours.

Panic Button Assistance

Panic Button Assistance

  • Protects the Lone worker on the sensitive sites

  • Panic Button Assistance in guard App to notify urgent security alerts

There are a range of situations that demand immediate assistance. Novagems is a modern security guard management system equipped with a Panic Button Assistance that ensures that any emergency situation is handled immediately and with the right response.

Lone workers face situations like a fire starting, a breakage, slip and fall, an accident or so. By clicking on the Panic Button Assistance on the security guard company software, the security guard can reach to the supervisor and raise an alarm. As a credible security guard management company, you must be concerned about the safety of your lone workers. The security agency management software offers Panic button assistance which ensures that you have no workplace accidents reported on the client’s premises.

Smart visitor registration

Smart visitor registration

  • Smart visitor registration from Security Industry Specialists

  • Maintains the whole log of visitors

  • Easy & smart visitor registration interface with scan and type function

Novagems enables you to keep a check on the visitors on the client’s sites. You can easily gain complete control and manage anything and everything that comes through the main entry or doors of the client properties using the Security Industry Specialists. From Visitor’s Check-in’s to verification and tracking, the Smart visitor registration can help you manage the egress and ingress of visitors.

Not only you can track and manage every visitor on the site using the security guard tracking software, but maintain a log for all visitor activity on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. As Novagems is a cloud-based system, all this information is stored in the cloud, which can be accessed at any time.

Job duty alerts

Job duty alerts

  • Reminders using our vast notification system to perform the job duties

  • Security officer software notifies the managers about guards’ performance regularly

Managing job duties and ensuring performance tracking is very important. Novagems being a top-rated security management software, understand the need for effective job assignment and monitoring and enable security guards and supervisors with regular alerts.

The security guard receives duty updated as alerts on their mobiles which are connected to the Security Industry Specialists. Similarly, the supervisors are informed about the regular performance of the security guards. If you want to ensure high performance and eliminate ambiguity in job assignment, Novagemns has a vast notification system that keeps your security guards software and supervisor posted about the latest developments.

Licence renewal alerts

Licence renewal alerts

  • Timely notifications to renew the licence and certification for guards and sites

  • Profile maintenance of the guards in your Security Guard Software

For a security guard management company it is very important that they have all their licenses and regulatory paperwork up to date. Do not miss on any license renewal or re-registration deadline with Novagems, a reliable security officer software. The software keeps track of your security guard certification, licenses and registration and raises an alert when it needs to be updated.

Use security staff management software to create and manage security guards profile and ensure that you have a fully compliant, certified and registered team or proficient security guards to offer unmatched security services to your clients.

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