Security Guard Management & Scheduling

NFC & QR Code Checkpoint Tours

Guards are required to be vigilant while performing their duties. Monitoring the perimeter and each floors of site is reported via scanning NFC Tags or QR code checkpoints placed at appropriate location by Managers/Client to ensure security of the vicinity.

Panic Button Assistance

Lone worker protection is a concern by security companies over a sensitive site. To ease the situation, we have given Panic Button Assistance in guard app and corresponding Urgent security alert notification in Manager app.

Visitor registration

Maintaining a whole log of visitors over a ledger was a thing in past. Novagems allows you to Check in or Check Out any visitor along with easy to use visitor registration interface. Guards can easily type in or scan the Licences to get info the smarter way.

Job duty alerts

A guard on duty is given a reminder using our vast notification system to perform the Job duties while being active and shown which tasks are to be performed with the regular interval of time. Manager are notified about guards performing the specific job duty in site logs regularly.

Job duty alerts

As per the industry standards , it is of utmost importance to Manager to know the guard licence and certification acquired to enhance his/her abilities over period of time to ensure the overall performance. Sites may require certain guards with specific licence and hence the profiles need to maintained accordingly.