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Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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Novagems is an extremely innovative real-time online guard tour and security guard patrol tracking system that enables companies and organizations to manage their guard tours efficiently.

Guard Tour System | Security Guard Patrol Tracking System | Novagems

Monitor your guard tour and security guard patrol tracking system from anywhere.

Features of our Guard tour and Security Guard Patrol Tracking System

• GPS Tracking And Geofencing

• Efficient Guard Patrol System

• Customized Reports

• Instant Notifications

• Visual Proofs

• Incident reporting

• Feature-rich Reporting Systems

• Guard Attendance Management System

• One Point Solution

• Our Commitment: Better Security And Control

Monitor your guard tour and security guard patrol tracking system from anywhere

The challenge to manage the ground forces with an obsolete approach won’t benefit anyone despite the available technologies in hand. With an advanced security guard patrol tracking system from Novagems, you can have an eye on each one of your security guards. Moreover, our patrol management system benefits the security guard with easy access to their tours and offers control of occurring incidents. The security guard can access the complete log of their tour through a dashboard on the security guard monitoring system installed in their smartphones.

GPS Tracking And Geofencing

You can rely on the software to make sure that your security guard has reached the site on time and started his duty. The software enables you to track your security guards’ movements and whether or not they have completed a tour of the place. Features like-

  • GPS Trial
  • Smart Response And Automatic Alert
  • Automatic Clock In and Out
  • Customized Reports

These enticing features will make work easier and take the burden off the shoulders of the managers.

Efficient Guard Patrol System

The advanced security guard patrol tracking system by Novagems enables your supervisors to track the activity and efficiency of the guards. In case of any lapse, a push notification alert is sent to the guard as well as the reporting person, who would then proceed according to the organizational policy. The security guard patrol system helps in efficiently planning routes of security vehicles as well as quick incident reporting.

Customized Reports 

With customized reports, you can cater to the needs of the clients. The guards can add the relevant information. This will improve customer service and overall customer satisfaction. There is a special feature for visitor management where a different log will be generated only for visitors. This will keep track of the visitors separately. The clients can look at the information they require only. Digital logs can be generated easily according to the needs. Now there is no need to go through all of the data, scrolling through different tabs and logs when Novagems provides all of the information in one place. The clients can enjoy the feature of choosing when they want to receive a report too so that nothing is missed at all.

Instant Notifications

Preventive care is the key to successful security guard management. The security guard patrol tracking system sends an instant notification to the designated person notifying them, about any missed rounds or other shortcomings in the duty. The person receiving the alert from the guard patrolling system can then take preventive actions to ensure that the security guards are performing all their designated duties and delivering the highest efficiency.

Visual Proofs

Make the security guards take visual proofs to ensure that the duty is performed timely. When a tour is completed, the system allows you to scan the checkpoints, QR Codes, and NFC Codes. This increases the guards’ credibility and encourages them to perform better. With visual proofs, the clients will also have additional control as data is uploaded in real-time. Remote monitoring is made easy with a security guard patrol tracking system and paperless documentation. 

Incident reporting

The security guard patrol tracking system is befitted with several features and one of its key features is Incident reporting. This allows the security guards to report any untoward incident that occurs during the patrol of a security guard. The details of these incidents are recorded in the depository of the guard patrol systems and are available for later assessment and preventive measures.

Feature-rich Reporting Systems

We believe in delivering the best solutions to our clients and the security guard patrol tracking system is one of our finest presentations. With our solutions, the security guards are enabled with the ability to enhance the quality of reporting by adding key details about any incident. While generating reports in security patrol software the security guards can attach pictures, voice messages, notes, and signatures to the scanned items. Moreover, the security guard can easily send reports to the facility managers who are responsible for monitoring assets and locations.

Guard Attendance Management System

This unique feature of our security guard patrol tracking system allows you to manage the attendance of the security guards with full accuracy. This offers you an online update on the security guards available on duty and thus offers better control over resource planning and allocation. It easily integrates with your human resource planning system and enhances the productivity of your organization, overall.

One Point Solution

With security guard tracking software, You do not have to worry about managing different properties and assets individually anymore. The security guard patrol tracking system helps you manage all types of properties including departments, locations, warehouses, transportation areas, airports, stores, and remote areas efficiently and offers one-point access to the entire security guard workforce.

Our Commitment: Better Security And Control

Every organization keeps its security at the top rank on the priority list. We partner with you in this endeavor and offer you better resources and control for success through security patrol software. With the security guard patrol tracking system developed by Novagems, you can monitor the GPS location of the guards, schedule patrols, manage attendance as well as keep a close eye over any missed checkpoints during a patrol. We deliver customized solutions for your organization’s security needs and ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of the systems without putting extra effort into incorporating the security software into your pre-existing systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 What is a Guard Tour System?

Before diving into the details, let's get a clear picture of what a Guard Tour System is. Essentially, it's a comprehensive solution designed to monitor and manage security patrols efficiently. Picture this as your digital ally, helping security guards perform their duties effectively while ensuring accountability and real-time incident reporting.

Q:2 How does a security guard tour system help to handle situations?

1. Real-Time Tracking:

Imagine having a virtual map that pinpoints the exact location of your security personnel in real-time. That's precisely what the Guard Tour System offers. It leverages GPS technology to track the movement of security guards during their patrols. This not only ensures they cover designated areas but also allows for quick response to any incidents.

2. Accountability and Reporting:

Accountability is the name of the game in security management. The Security Guard Patrol Tracking System records every checkpoint visited by a security guard, complete with timestamps. In case of any suspicious activity or incidents, guards can use the system to generate immediate reports, complete with photos and descriptions. This feature not only facilitates transparency but also serves as valuable evidence in investigations.

3. Streamlined Communication:

Effective communication is essential in security operations. With a Guard Tour System, guards can communicate with the control center seamlessly. Need backup or assistance? It's just a button press away. This instant communication ensures that guards are never alone in challenging situations.

4. Enhanced Incident Response:

In a security emergency, every second counts. The Guard Tour System provides the means for security personnel to escalate incidents immediately. Whether it's a break-in, a fire, or a medical emergency, quick response can make all the difference.

5. Data Analysis for Improved Security:

The Security Guard Patrol Tracking System stores all patrol data, which can be analyzed to identify patterns and potential vulnerabilities. It's like having a crystal ball that predicts where security enhancements are needed. This data-driven approach enables security managers to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Which industries need a guard tour system?

A guard tour system can be beneficial in a wide range of industries and sectors where security, monitoring, and asset protection are priorities.

Here are some industries that commonly use guard tour systems:

1. Commercial Real Estate:

Office buildings, shopping malls, and commercial complexes often employ security personnel to safeguard property and tenants. Security Guard Patrol Tracking System helps ensure that security patrols are thorough and incidents are promptly reported.

2. Residential Communities:

Gated communities, apartment complexes, and housing developments utilize guard tour systems to enhance security and provide residents with peace of mind.

3. Industrial and Manufacturing:

Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities often require security patrols to protect valuable equipment and inventory. The Security Guard Patrol Tracking System helps monitor large, complex areas.

4. Healthcare Facilities:

Hospitals, clinics, and medical centers use guard tour systems to maintain a secure environment for patients, staff, and sensitive medical equipment.

5. Educational Institutions:

Schools and universities employ security personnel to ensure the safety of students and faculty. Security Guard Patrol Tracking System helps monitor campus security and response times.

These are just a few examples, and the application of guard tour systems can extend to any industry or setting where security and monitoring are essential. The versatility of these systems makes them a valuable tool for ensuring safety and asset protection across various sectors.

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