Should You Use Security Guard GPS Tracking For The Safety Of Your Guards?

Fri, Apr 22, 2022

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One of the most significant challenges for a security company is maintaining its guards' accountability.

Should You Use Security Guard GPS Tracking For The Safety Of Your Guards?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep your guards under constant surveillance every time. Thus, leveraging the competence of modern technology is the only sensible thing to do here. 

Technologies such as GPS tracking can be highly purposeful for security companies looking for ways to enhance the security of their guards. In addition, this technology can also help you calculate the compensation of guards with precision through access to real-time location information of your guards. That said, here are a couple of reasons you need to consider security guard GPS tracking for the safety of your guards.

  • Real-Time Location Update    

Every business strives to scale and expand its operations. Security companies are no different as this is the ideal way to grow a business. However, you cannot run a security company without ensuring the accountability of your guards and providing your clients with unmatched security. One effective way to ensure accountability is by keeping yourself updated with the real-time location of your guards. 

Using a security guard GPS tracking system for this purpose can be highly advantageous for your business as it helps ensure accountability. Additionally, some guard security systems also come equipped with geofencing functionality. This feature will trigger an automated alert whenever your guards are not at the right place at the right time.

  • Better Safety Of Your Guards

Employees are the most valuable asset for any business, and they are the only significant asset for a security company. Thus, ensuring the safety of your employees is not an issue you can overlook. Being a security guard already comes with many challenges. Yet the biggest challenge is dealing with the chances of unprecedented attacks or even abductions in some instances. 

Nonetheless, when you leverage GPS technology to track your guards all the time, you can ensure they are safe. Moreover, if you get a hint of something wrong or unusual, you can immediately dispatch other guards to measure the situation and take necessary actions. It also depicts you care for your guards, further boosting employee retention. 

  • Defense Against False Claims 

There can often be instances where your client rings you up, claiming your guards are not doing their job appropriately. It can be detrimental to the reputation of your business, further hampering your reliability. However, the data collected from security guard GPS tracking helps resolve this complication with minimal hassle.  

The GPS tracking solution will feed real-time data into the system, and you share the same with your client, provided your guards are on the right side. However, if the guard is at fault, you can then take necessary actions to ensure they do not repeat such behavior in the future. 

  • Efficient Mobility

Security guards often need to head out for patrolling or even commute from one destination to another. There can be cases where there is an emergency and the guards are not well-versed with the area or location. These are times when GPS technology can be very beneficial for your guards as the software can guide them to the site with minimal complications.  

The solution will provide the precise location and directions to reach there at the earliest. It will benefit your business to a great extent as clients will know your company for hasty response times, further boosting the reliability and goodwill of your business.    

Wrapping Up

Ensuring the security of your guards is of the utmost importance at all times. Hence, using a GPS-enabled solution to manage your guards will yield significant benefits for your business. Additionally, it would be best to opt for an advanced workforce management solution that offers you much more than security guard GPS tracking.  

If you are looking for such a solution, contact Novagems. We provide the best workforce management solutions to security companies. Our security guard management system comes packed with advanced features like scheduling, GPS tracking, incident reporting, timesheets, checkpoint tours, smart response, and more! Utilize all these features for the best growth of your security company. We will tell you how. Book a demo now and our experts will be there to guide you!

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