Silvertrac Alternative – A better and more reliable Security Management System Novagems

September 25, 2020

Get the best Silvertrac Alternative with Novagems! Rated as the most reliable employee management software, Novagems allows security guard companies to manage, monitor, and expand business easily and efficiently. Whether you are managing a small patrol team or serving the security requirements of multiple clients, Novagems enables you with myriads of features to automate your operations and deliver security services as per the client’s expectations.

Novagems offers a multitude of benefits for progressive security guard companies. The features of the software cover all the aspects of error-free and uncompromised security operations and allow optimal use of resources. Easy to tailor and use, the features of Novagems software include:

GPS Tracking:

Boost the efficacy of your patrol guard services with the GPS Tracking feature. The technology allows supervisors to track and monitor the security guard’s activity at the client site. The supervisors can automatically record patrol trails and analyze any missed reporting. The recorded trails can also be used for post-incident analysis. 

  • Geo- fence technology for missed checkpoint alerts

  • Monitoring and tracking security guard’s movements

  • Trace the live location of the guards on the map

Report Management

From incident reporting to daily reports of jobs, the report management feature enables both security supervisors and guards to minimize efforts while creating reports. Limited data entry can assure saving of time and the reports can be sent to concerned parties in real-time.

  • Reports template made easy for security guards usage

  • Tailor-made report formats

  • Officer dispatch management 


Making effective and realistic guard schedules is easy with Novagems. The software allows creating employee schedules with great concern for employee overages and workforce management. Automated scheduling minimizes manual jobs and eliminates chances of errors. The security guards can use the Open Shift Board to check and acknowledge assigned shifts.

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Avoid employee overages

  • Easy monthly and weekly schedules

  • Open shifts

  • Repeat and copy schedules

Live Incident reporting

Security guards can connect with the supervisors/ managers in real-time and report incidents. The guards can attach text, speech notes, images, media files, and more as supporting documents. The incident is reported in real-time and supervisors can send instructions accordingly.

  • Live reporting 

  • Quick solutions

  • Panic button assistance for lone worker management 

  • NFC & QR Code Checkpoint Tours

  • Job duty alerts

Client Portal

The feature allows security companies to offer limited access to the software to the clients. The client can check reports and evaluate the progress. This in turn boosts the transparency and reliability factor of the security guard company.

  • Access to reports

  • Access to incident reports and action taken

Novagems is a verified Silvertrac Alternative offering simple and resource-saving solutions to security guard companies. The automation feature of the software boosts the efficiency of operations and ensures easy management of multiple clients.

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