The best Trackforce Alternative – The contol of your business on your finger tips with Novagems

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The best Trackforce Alternative – The contol of your business on your finger tips with Novagems

Searching for a TrackForce Alternative? Novagems is a next-gen workforce management software that caters to all your security management concerns. Made by experts, the software is designed and developed to offer a one-stop solution for security management and automation needs. Eliminate human errors, save resources, and expand your security business with Novagems.

Rated as the top security industry specialists, Novagems is a feature-rich software. From generating reports to monitoring patrol guard’s movements, reporting progress to the clients, and managing backend operations, Novagems allows you to perform all tasks related to security guard services with great accuracy and ease.

Features of Novagems – the best employee management software for security companies

GPS Monitoring:

Managing security guards at patrol is imperative for uncompromised security. The GPS monitoring feature of Novagems allows you to monitor the security guard’s movements, record trails, and get missed checkpoint alerts. This in turn allows you to identify loopholes in practices as well as boost the guard’s accountability. 

  • Record trails as reference for post-incident analysis
  • Keep track of security guards activity
  • Utilize Geofencing to get missed checkpoint alerts and interrogate for missed duty

Live Incident reporting:

The open communication technology allows security guards to report incidents in real-time. Any incident can be reported with supporting media such as written notes, speech notes, pictures, videos, and more. Safe Personal Communication System (SPCS) with end to end encryption ensures confidential chats and the company data is stored in the app only.

  • Direct chat between Supervisors/ Managers and guards
  • Effective lone worker management 
  • Incident analysis and prevention
  • Panic alert in case of solidarity guard
  • Job Duty Alerts
  • NFC & QR Code Checkpoint Tours


Right security guard schedules boost efficacy in operations. Automated scheduling process, customized as per the company requirements, make scheduling less time consuming and conflict-free. Open shift module allows security guards to check and acknowledge their assigned duties.

  • Weekly and Monthly views
  • Reusable scheduling formats
  • OpenShift to reduce absenteeism and employee overages

Report Management:

Easy to use report formats to generate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Live reporting ensures easy incident reporting and sending reports to the concerned parties. Eliminate time loss and wastage of resources at both ends.

  • Reporting assistance to guards with readily available formats
  • Tailor-made report templates
  • Office dispatch management

Communication and live chat

Real-time communication between the manager and the guards is essential to avoid accidents. The guards can report incidents or hazards in no time and supervisors can relay instructions. The data is safely recorded for future reference in the app only.

  • Direct chat between the supervisor and guards
  • Char history access to Managers
  • Safe exchange of messages

Novagems is modern software that allows easy access to automation in security guard operations. Security guard companies can easily manage multiple clients and client sites through interactive software and maximize profits. The client access options enable security guard companies to maintain transparency and save time by allowing limited access of the software to the clients.

Manage your business on fingertips and benefit from remote monitoring with Novagems.


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