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Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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Workforce management system (wfm ) is the best cloud-based workforce management/wfm tools that comes fitted with a range of features including time, leave management and payroll etc.

Best Workforce Management System | Workforce Management Tools - Novagems


Conventional HR Management can expose your organizations to several risks including inaccuracy in workforce planning. Moreover, it is a time & money consuming system that exposes the business to many threats. With our advanced workforce management system, you can not only save the resources (time, efforts and money) but also bring accuracy to your HR practices. Bring efficiency to your day to day HR jobs with automated solutions delivered by workforce management system software- Novagems.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employee dissatisfaction is the core problem faced by many organizations. The problem often leads to a dip inefficiency and a high attrition rate. Curb all these problems with our workforce management tools by enriching the job profiles of your employees and assigning the best duties to each individual depending on their talent and skills. Let your employees contribute towards developing personal schedules, confirming shifts in one click, requesting time off, and clock in/out with ease. We offer advanced workforce management solutions that help security companies offer top-notch workforce management services to their clients while boosting employee satisfaction and organizational efficiency on the whole.

Attendance tracking with accuracy

Attendance tracking with accuracy

The workforce management tools developed by Novagems are tailor-made to suit the organizational requirements. You can track the attendance of your employees with great efficacy to keep a track of leaves and absenteeism easily with the employee workforce management software. You can create shifts, adjust timings and apply leaves and holidays as per your company’s policy and automate the attendance tracking and record-keeping with the workforce management system.

Payroll calculations in a few click

Payroll calculations in a few click

Forget the days of tedious payroll calculation with the workforce management system by Novagems. Payroll calculation is a core function of the HR department and probably the most time and effort consuming. When you have all the details of the employee along with their salaries and bifurcations added to the cloud-based workforce management software, you can create accurate payrolls with a few clicks on a monthly basis. The system automatically extracts the attendance of the employees and generates the payroll with great accuracy.

Minimize the compliance risk

Minimize the compliance risk

There are different state and national compliance authorities that regulate different industries. To align with the compliance requirements of your industry, you can rely on workforce management tools by Novagems. As a mobile patrol company, we create a workforce management system that allows you to maintain data with statistical proofs instantly and without any errors. This saves you time and effort as well as ensures complete compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations set by different authorities for your industry safekeeping.

Cloud-based support:

Cloud-based support

Data is the most essential and valuable asset for your organization. The cloud-based feature of the workforce management system by Novagems allows you to safe-keep your data within the cloud. Besides enhancing the security of your data on the cloud, our systems also enable quick access to the required GPS tracks and guard records anytime, anywhere, and through a range of devices including handheld devices and desktops. You can store all business data into one platform and streamline various processes and systems in the organization. This eliminates the gap between different departments and HR department functions.

Plan your workforce in advance:

Plan your workforce in advance

Advance workforce planning is the core feature of our workforce management tools. The software enables the HR Department to forecast the requirement of the workforce in the organization and fill in the gap between required and existing talent requirements of the organization. It helps businesses fight attrition rate and boost the productivity of the organization by assigning the right workforce size to each department. The goal is achieved by aligning the recruitment, selection, talent identification, and internal posting processes within the organization through workforce management software and ensuring the best mobile patrol guard is a part of the team.

Comprehensive range of workforce management tools

Comprehensive range of workforce management tools

At Novagems, we understand your business’s unique nature and ensure that we offer you bespoke solutions. Our range of workforce management tools are tailor-made to suit your individual organization requirements. Each tool is befitted with great features and made effective to easily incorporate with your existing systems and software in the organization. Our workforce management software enables effective attendance management, leave management, absenteeism, payroll management and calculation, compliance, job description management, allocation of resources and more.

Affordable workforce management system:

Affordable workforce management system

Novagems take pride in being the developer of most futuristic workforce management tools and workforce management system software. We incorporate the best of the technologies and features into our solutions to ensure all your HR processes are served with perfection. Our affordable workforce management system is well accessible for different industries as they easily fit into your budget while offering a range of features.

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