Canadian Laws Security Guards Need To Know About

Wed, Dec 7, 2022

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The lives of security guards are anything but easy. As a security guard, you never know the situation you must handle and manage. But that is not all that a security guard needs to worry about because there are many legal obligations for security guards in Canada.

Canadian Laws Security Guards Need To Know About

Unfortunately, the law is not something that comes easily to people. So before you get a job as a security guard officer in Canada, you must familiarize yourself with Canadian security guard laws.

Of course, it is not easy to wrap your head around these laws, but you have no other option in this case. So continue reading to learn more about the Canadian laws you need to know as a security guard in the country.

1) Security Services Act

The Security Services Act is primarily concerned with different aspects of the job description of a security guard in Canada.

As one of the country’s most crucial security acts, the Security Services Act overshadows many other laws. Besides, the act has different provisions for security guards and security guard companies, and businesses.

The Security Services Act specifies that every security guard officer must have a valid professional license to perform any security-related task. The act gives the registrar to decide if the security tasks you are engaging in are incidental or a primary duty as your job as a security guard. Additionally, you must apply for your security guard license from the registrar.

The Security Services Act further specifies that you must be an ordinary Canadian resident to renew your license unless you are exempt by regulation. But remember, renewing your licenses is mandatory, and you will need to pay an additional fee for renewal.

2) Criminal Code of Canada

Another important law that Canadian security guards need to familiarize themselves with is the Criminal Code of Canada. The act deals with the specifics of criminal activities and allows one to make an arrest when finding anyone guilty of any criminal offenses. Section 494 of the Criminal Code of Canada specifies that even members of the general public can make arrests.

Security guards are different from conventional peacekeepers, and the act does not recognize them as peacekeepers. So, their authority to make an arrest is just as limited as any other member of the general public. As long as the security guards have the necessary evidence and appropriate training even, they can arrest individuals for de-escalating any given situation.

Regarding the breach of peace, there is no specific Criminal Code for breaching the peace. However, section 30 of the Criminal Code of Canada provides one with authority to anyone, including a public member, to prevent or detain anyone trying to breach the peace. But this section is more like a preventive remedy to safeguard peace which means you must have a valid reason to detain someone.

3) Firearms Act

The final necessary law for security guards in Canada is the Firearms Act. As you might have already guessed, not everyone in Canada can carry firearms. One of many qualities that set Canada apart from its neighbors.

The Firearms Act deals with the authorization to move, import, and export firearms.

However, the Firearms Act has a couple of exceptions that deal with businesses and services where firearms are a must. Security guards in Canada can only carry and use a firearm if their employer issues the same. Besides, the security guard must have a valid firearms license for carrying and using the weapon.

Every security guard on duty must carry their firearms license and present the same upon request.

Failing to adhere to these regulations will attract penalties and even jail time in some adverse and severe cases. Also, the security guard must prevent using the firearm for as long as possible. Unjustified firearm use can attract fines and jail time for security guards and their employers.

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