Checklist Your Client Uses Before Giving You the Security Contract

Wed, Feb 15, 2023

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If you run a security company but aren’t getting enough contracts, we have something that can help you. Your potential clients are looking for you, and they are following a pattern to shortlist the best security company for their home or business.

Checklist Your Client Uses Before Giving You the Security Contract

Another name for this pattern is a contract checklist. When anyone hires professionals to secure their home or workplace, they look for the most efficient agencies. For that, they need to assure that they are relying on the right teams.

So, what is the formula they use to ensure the same? Here are the pointers you need to check off from their list to be their favorite one:

1) Experience in business

Security teams do not become efficient overnight. It is the types of different experience of security guards and the years in the business of the security company that counts.

To get on the radar of these clients, security companies must never forget to mention the years of their experience while bidding for jobs. They can also take it to their website or company profile to provide such information.

You can mention:

  • The years of experience you have
  • The kind of training you give and equipment your guards use
  • Types of services you offer and your experience in them
  • The type and number of patrolling vehicles you have
  • The security guard management software you use to manage the workflow

So, this is one of the most crucial things that clients look for in a security business.

2) Affordability

Now, the idea of most clients is not to go for a cheap security company but to go with a rather affordable option. If your security company has offer prices higher than everyone else in the market, you are less likely to get the contract. However, this doesn’t mean you set your prices at the lowest.

Research the market and set competitive prices for your services. Besides, take into account the factors like your company’s market experience, additional benefits offered to the clients, the experience of professionals, etc.

Pricing Your Security Services

Labor Cost: Wages you are paying to your guards.

Material Cost: Money spent on equipment, vehicles, uniforms, etc.

Overhead Cost: Admin salaries, office rents, security guard software, etc.

Margin: 3-4% of total costs


Total Cost (Labor + Material + Overhead) X 1.4 (3-4% Margin) = Hourly Rate

3) Professionalism

Are your guards professional? To make it to the shortlist of your clients, they need to be.

Clients look for professional security guards because professional employees exhibit quality services. So, make sure you have security guards with impressive skills and profiles. Hire security guards that are well-trained and experienced to deliver quality security services. They should know how to communicate well in every situation and should be friendly in general. No one likes rude security guards because it makes them unwelcoming to people who may need help.

4) Training and Discipline

Clients look for companies that have well-trained and disciplined guards. So, mention your positive points everywhere, to impress these clients. For example, if you have an ex-army man training or supervising your security guards, it will leave a good impression on your potential clients. If you have a gym for your guards, mention it.

So, make sure you have your ducks in a row to qualify for the contract checklist of your potential clients.

5) Quality Services

In the end, it all boils down to what kind of services a security company has to offer. Believe us, your potential clients are running every background check possible to hire the perfect security company for them. They will look up your website, reviews, social media, and whatnot.

When you deliver quality services, you have a good reputation in the market. So, that makes your first impression on the clients.

6) Team Management

In the next step, when your client is in talks with you, explain what type of guard management tools and techniques you use. You can mention the security guard software you use and how it makes your services top-notch. The features of such software and tools like GPS tracking, timesheets, clock-in/out, chat, etc. make work efficient for security companies. When you communicate it to the clients, there are good chances that they will be impressed.

All these factors show the quality of services your security company delivers.

So, these were some pointers that your clients are looking to check during their search for a security company. To leave the best first impression on your clients, pay heed to all these pointers and have your answers ready when they ask questions.

If you are looking for security guard software that can change the workflow and management game of your security company, contact Novagems.

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