Dealing with Unhappy Clients: What Cleaning Businesses Should Do

Thu, Sep 8, 2022

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Unhappy clients - the two words every business owner dreads! However, you cannot deny that even after you do a great deal of hard work and give your best, your clients can still be unhappy!

Dealing with Unhappy Clients: What Cleaning Businesses Should Do

And in the case of a cleaning company, they might leave a bad review, cut your payments, and even defame your business or staff. 

So, what makes your clients happy? If you are trying to figure out what went wrong with the last unhappy client who left a lengthy negative review for your cleaning business, let us help you. Here are the reasons your client might be upset:

  • Clash with the staff at work 
  • Not satisfied with the results 
  • Unhappy with the prices and packages
  • Hidden costs or additional costs
  • Property or other damages caused by the staff  
  • Delayed response
  • Breach of contract 

How to Deal with Unhappy Clients in Your Cleaning Business?

With service-based businesses like cleaning companies, client satisfaction equals better reputation and increased leads. However, the opposite works inversely. 

No matter how well-trained your staff is or what kind of cleaning scheduling software you use, if you have unhappy clients, the success of your cleaning business is questionable. 

Let us now discuss how you can deal with unhappy clients and resolve their issues so that they don’t end up impacting the reputation and success of your business:

1. Listen Carefully to Their Concerns

Your unhappy clients will be even more frustrated if you do not listen to their complaints and concerns. For example, if your cleaning staff has provided the services and your client calls you to discuss their non-satisfactory performance, find the time to listen carefully. 

If the client reaches you via a phone call or written communication, address it as soon as you can. 

Never leave a furious client waiting because they will end up taking action, which might not be in your favor. The sooner you reply, the better. Also, listen to their problems very closely and carefully. Ask questions if you must. 

The best way is to meet the client in person and have a face-to-face conversation. It will help both parties discuss everything in detail and on a personal level. When people talk face-to-face, there are lesser chances that things get escalated. Be open to their feedback and complaints and stay prepared with an instant solution.

2. Apologize and Show Your Understanding 

Once you realize your team is at fault or the concern of the client are genuine, you should not shy away from apologizing. 

After listening to everything carefully, ensure the client that you understand their concern. On a human level, showcase to them that whatever they are complaining about should not have happened or could have been avoided by your team. 

Be empathetic and apologize for the carelessness or misconduct. 

When the client shares the problem with you, repeat their words to show that you understand everything and that you both are on the same page. Keep doing so until the client says that you have got it right. 

3. Respond with a Solution

From the beginning, when you learn about their concerns, you must think of a solution for your client. Never forget to check with your team first before you talk to the client to know their side of the story. It will help you provide the best solution without hurting your budget or pocket. 

For example, if the client is complaining about the quality of services delivered by your cleaners, ask your team about it first. Ask them questions to find the actual problem. It will help you prepare a solution before you talk with the client. So, when the client gives feedback and shares his concerns, you will know what to do to calm him down and provide him with the best possible solution. You may give them a discount on the bill or ask your cleaners to do the job again (but better this time). 

You may also give them an additional off the next time they hire your company for the services. Remember to apologize and provide an immediate solution first so that the client is satisfied enough to give you a second chance in the future. 

With these tips, you can handle unhappy and angry clients and ensure they do not tarnish the reputation of your cleaning company. 

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