How To Monitor The Performance Of Your Security Guards

Mon, Sep 27, 2021

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Security Guard Tracking - Delivering unerring security services is like a constant uphill battle. You cannot be lenient one day and strict the other

How To Monitor The Performance Of Your Security Guards

Delivering unerring security services is like a constant uphill battle. You cannot be lenient one day and strict the other – you always need to keep things top-notch to avoid danger and keep your clients safe.

Delivering unerring security services is like a constant uphill battle. You cannot be lenient one day and strict the other – you always need to keep things top-notch to avoid danger and keep your clients safe. security guard tracking becomes crucial.

Many security business owners do not know how to keep track of their security guards and measure their performance. If you have been looking for a solution too, a security guard management system is your answer. With such a system in place, you can keep track of the whereabouts and performance of your security guards.

Let us see how you can monitor the performance of your security guards with a security guard management system:

1). Plan And Execute A Schedule

Plan And Execute A Schedule

For security companies, it gets tough to manage the schedules of their guards without an adequate system. So, we advise you to execute a security guard management system for your security company.

Such a system provides for mobile and web applications that have different user dashboards based on their roles. For instance, the management or supervisors will work on one dashboard, and the security guards will work on another one. It is like the front-end and back-end of an app.

However, such a system allows you to plan and execute a schedule for all the guards in one go. They can access and follow it from their mobile devices, making it easy for the management to keep track of everything. Once you cover everything with the help of such a system and manage it online, it becomes easier to see whether the guards are following the schedule or not. The system records if there are any slip-ups, which you can confront later.

2). Keep Track Of Their Shifts

An extension of the previous point, this one suggests that the management must keep an eye on the shift timings of the guards. If a guard has to report to the site at 9 AM, leaving at 2 PM, you must regularly note their presence and absence.

You can also do it with the help of a guard tracking system. If the guards neglect the shift timings and are irregular, the supervisors can act accordingly. With features like geofencing and other tracking features, the system notifies the supervisors when a guard enters or leaves the point of duty. So, whether they are arriving late or leaving early, the managers can take suitable action.

3). Report Their Performance

Report Their Performance

When you keep regular track of everything, it gets easier for the management to report the performance of each security guard.

The adherence to the schedule, punctuality, management of work, behavior on duty, problem-solving aptitude, actions taken during emergencies, etc. should be recorded. Once you collect such data by personal observance and with the help of a security guard management system, you can measure the performance of the guards. Such information will tell you who is performing to their full potential and who isn’t. So, the management can act as per the company policies.

Seek feedback from clients, employees, and visitors regarding the performance of security guards. This can be done through surveys, suggestion boxes, or direct communication. Assess the feedback received to identify any recurring issues or areas where security guards may require additional support.This will make security guards monitoring easier as you will get authentic reviews. 

If you choose the guard management system by Novagems, you can also keep tabs of the guards’ performance through color-codes and symbols. They help you visualize things clearly and keep track of continual progress. For example,Green for the on time performed tasks, yellow can be for Late performed tasks , red for absence or not done tasks, etc.

4). Use GPS Tracking

The duty of security guards involves risk and danger to their life. However, their responsibility is to safeguard the lives of others by ensuring complete safety. Thus, the absence of deployed guards from the point of duty can become a matter of life or death.

Security rounds tracker will help you gauge the activities of your guards. With Novagem’s GPS Geofencing you can even see if the guard has left the vicinity of the premise he is supposed to patrol.

To make sure this does not happen, a security company should seek help from a well-functioning GPS tracking system. It will help you locate your guards and see whether they have reported to their duties or not. The features like geofencing will also alert the management whenever a guard enters or leaves a restricted area.

With GPS tracking, it is easier to monitor your guards along with providing the required help during emergencies. A GPS security guard tracking system is also very beneficial for security guards on patrol duty.

5). Pay Field Visits

Pay Field Visits

It is easier to trust your old and experienced security guards. However, for the new recruits, you need to be extra careful. As a security company cannot take a chance with the duties delivered by security guards, you can follow a strict supervision pattern for the new guards.

You cannot pay a visit to the premises regularly that is why you need security guard monitors, especially if your guards are patrolling a larger area. With visual proofs you can validate your guards work against any false claims made too.

6). Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Establish clear and measurable KPIs that align with your security objectives. These KPIs may include response time to incidents, completion of patrols, adherence to protocols, incident reporting accuracy, and customer satisfaction ratings. Clearly communicate these expectations to security guards. Manage the security guard performance with these KPL’s easily as you have already defined the areas y=where the guards need to be working hard on. 

7). Incident Reporting And Documentation:

Implement a standardized incident reporting system for security guards to document any incidents, violations, or observations during their shifts. Review these reports regularly to identify patterns, areas for improvement, and potential training needs. You can have both a security and performance record at one go in case anything goes wrong. 

8). Performance Metrics: 

In addition to the KPIs mentioned earlier, you can consider other performance metrics to assess security guard effectiveness. These may include incident resolution rate, patrol coverage area, compliance with safety protocols, completion of required training, and adherence to uniform and appearance standards. Security guard monitoring can be done on the basis of performance metrics as well and in return this will improve the productivity and efficiency of the security guards. 

9). Talk To Your Guards

You not only need to monitor your security guards but you need to solve their problems as well if they have any. When you are making any visit to the site, make sure that you have a meeting with them and address any problems that they might be facing, and try to bring solutions. This will increase employee morale and satisfaction. Your guards are the face of your company and they are the ones clients are interacting with the most. So any complaints any client might have, the guards will know.  

10). Data Driven Decisions

If you know your company’s strengths and weaknesses then you can easily make informed decisions and analyze the areas that need improvement. You will not have to go through heaps of paperwork to collect all of the data and can easily have all of the facts in front of you. With a management system you can easily identify the key performers and reward them. If you find some of the guard that are lacking in some areas and need improvement then you can also present them the data and advise them where they need improvement.

Even if you already have a security guard tracking system in place, paying field visits is a good idea. When the supervisors monitor the performance of security guards by paying surprise visits, they will be more cautious and serious about their duties. It is good for the reputation of your company as well as the performance of security guards.

So, these were some of the ways on how to monitor the performance of your security guards. If you don’t have a security guard management system yet, get in touch with Novagems for fool-proof and tech-fueled solutions. Our feature-rich guard tour system will help you keep a close eye on your guards in a fuss-free manner. Contact us today!

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