What Are The 4 Best Ways That Make Your Security Guard Quotation Accepted?

Mon, Jul 19, 2021

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For security companies, the competition has toughened in the past few years. The increased crime rates have made businesses and individuals conscious of their security and safety.

What Are The 4 Best Ways That Make Your Security Guard Quotation Accepted?

For security companies, the competition has toughened in the past few years. The increased crime rates have made businesses and individuals conscious of their security and safety. Thus, they go for the best security company near them.

Having said that, if a client has approached you inquiring about your security services, chances are high that they are talking to several other companies simultaneously.

So, your goal here is to stand out and be professional. The first thing that will make or break the deal for you is your security guard quotation. Before sending this formal document to your prospective client, you must know that it can do wonders for your business! It can either push you to the list of selected companies or to that of rejected ones. This small piece of information about your business holds a lot of power. Let us see how you can make it right and turn things in your favor.

Keep in mind a lot goes into sending the security quotation the right way. Here we will tell you about all these factors one by one:

1) Timing

As discussed above, when a prospect looks for security services, they talk to more than one company. Thus, you don’t want to lose the game to another security company just because it was prompt.

Never lose time and send your quotation right away after the first communication you have with your prospect. Do not give your prospective clients time to rethink or re-consider you. If you have managed to leave a good impression through your first conversation, an impressive security guard quotation will reinforce it. While it is handy to keep it ready beforehand, you should also be flexible with what’s written in there. Every prospect has a different requirement, and the description within the security quotation should be changeable as required. Talking about creating the security quotation, let us see how you can do that.

2) Template


Choosing an adequate template and security guard quotation format is also crucial. The first thing to note is that it should look professional. So, be careful with the language, the elements, and the tone used in the quotation. Here are the things you must include:

  • The logo and name of your security company
  • The address of your company
  • Security guard quotation number
  • Date of writing and issuing the quotation
  • The name of your prospect
  • The address of your prospect
  • Service description
  • Terms and Conditions of services

While most things in the quotation are mere details, you can work up the magic in the service description. It is the perfect spot for you to explain what you have to offer to the prospect and how you stand out from the competitors. You can explain what protocols you use to recruit and train the security guards, how they work, and how you supervise their work. You can also mention the security guard management system that you are using within the company.

With a good description, perfect portfolio, and professional presentation, your security guard quotation can help you convert leads.

3) Follow Up

Follow Up

Just like the time to send the quotation, the time to follow up also matters. Don’t be too hasty about it and give your prospects time to go through the quotation and revert accordingly. Three business days is an acceptable time to wait for the response. After that, you can send an email to follow up.

Also, if your client has mentioned a date on which they will revert, be patient and wait for the same. If the date has passed without any response from them, you can send a follow-up email.

4) Approach


Your approach while sending the security guard quotation to your clients matters the most. Make sure you maintain professionalism throughout the process. From your first conversation with the client to the conversation after the quotation is approved – everything needs to be done carefully. One slip-up can cost you a good project.

So, make sure you follow a professional approach. Don’t sound too hasty or pushy, don’t oversell yourself, and don’t brag about your experience or previous clients.

The other thing to keep in mind is to accept only written approvals. If a client says they have approved your quotation, ask them to share the written word for it. Such an approach is beneficial for all.

Things To Be Included In Your Security Guard Quotation

Your Business Name And Logo

Make sure that the legal name of your company and logo is added to the security guard service quotation.

Your Address

Your address can be used for communication purposes as well. Along with the address provide contact information so that it is easy to reach the location. This will give more authentication to your security services quotes. 

Your Quotation Number

Your unique quotation number will set you apart from the rest. It will also make it easier to communicate with the clients and even they can easily reach you. 

Quotation Date

Do not forget to add the quotation date when the quotation date was made and issued. 

Types Of Security Services You Will Provide

Pay close attention to this crucial section and ensure that you fill it out meticulously. This is where you should provide comprehensive information about the products and services you plan to offer in accordance with your client’s needs. Please clearly state the total price, including any relevant taxes.

Terms And Conditions

Include all of the terms and conditions that are applicable to your quotation. Also mention the start and end date of the quotation.

Make Your Quotation More Impressive

Your prospects are looking for the best security company and guards. It means they are looking for well-trained and high-tech personnel that can ensure safety to them, their premises, employees, and families. With a high-performing guard management system, you can add more value to your security guard quotation. Such a system by Novagems helps security companies keep track of their guards with handy features. The features include GPS tracking, geofencing, back office management, reporting, emergency alerts, report management, and whatnot.

Not only does such a system allow you to impress your prospects and reinforce your trustworthiness but it also helps you present old records and reports to the clients if required. So, make things easier with a security guard management system and bring your security company to the limelight. It adds to the value your company holds in the eyes of your prospects and keeps you a step ahead of your competitors. For details, get in touch with the team at Novagems. We are just a phone call away!

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