Manage Your Security Guards Remotely with Security Software at the Time of COVID 19

April 21, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the worst known catastrophe known to mankind. Over 80000 people have died so far and many more deaths are expected. Companies are shut down for an indefinite period of time as more and more countries have imposed strict lockdown measures. This has increased the risk and security threats to most organizations as locked and unattended properties can be easily vandalized. As a responsible security management company, your first priority should be to ensure that you provide uncompromised security services to your client irrespective of your placement. 

However, security services are one of the key services that are exempted from the lockdown. Security guards are actively placed across the country on different organizations keeping the properties safe. But, how do you ensure that your team of security guards is working efficiently, leaving no stone unturned to safe keep your client’s assets? It is quite possible that you won’t be able to access your office because of the catastrophe.

GEO Fencing

Security Guard Software For Remote Monitoring:

COVID-19 has home locked most of the professionals and as a security company owner or supervisor you must be killing time at home only while your front end guards must be active on the ground level. To ensure you have a steady eye on their moment and get timely reports, you need to adopt a security guard software that makes remote monitoring effective and easy. The modern, feature-rich security guard software offer you ease of monitoring the movement of the guard and maintain a log sheet. Here are a few features that you can use to monitor security guards remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Real-Time Tracking:

You can easily track the GPS location of your guards in real-time by using the real-time tracking system. The feature also allows you to note down the arrival time, manage attendance and send post orders to the guards efficiently. The advanced GEO Fence technology makes it easier for you to know when a guard entered and left a particular location.

  • Shift Scheduling

The software makes is very easy to create new shifts and assign it to the security guards. The supervisor can assess the site’s requirement and ensure that adequate number of guards are posted on the site for optimum security. If you have an existing shift and want to stick to it, you can use the copy and repeat option and save time and efforts.

  • Easy Management of Back End:

As you might not be able to access your office, you can log in to the software to keep track of your security guards timesheets, and ensure that the security is never compromised. The software also allows you to create invoices as and when required through the dashboard access using any handheld device or computer.

  • Arrange Guard Tours and Monitor

If you offer guard patrolling services under a multi-point checking system, you can easily ensure that the guards report all the checkpoints in a timely manner. The software generates notifications for any missed checkpoint or flawless monitoring.

Security guard management tools and software age of great use if you want to remotely monitor the employees. During the lockdown period when you are not able to physically monitor your security guards, take advantage of a reliable and feature-rich security guard patrol software and ensure you provide flawless services to your clients.

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