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Tue, Nov 17, 2020

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Security guard companies can boost efficiency, accuracy, and management skills by using our mobile patrol security guard app Download the app to know more features.

Mobile Patrol Security Guard App for Security Guard Company | Novagems

As a security company, you are responsible for the safekeeping of the client’s properties as well as the occupants. A lot of factors act collectively ensuring the security provisions are top-notch. As per the statistics, over 60% of the businesses remain exposed to a variety of risks when locked during after hours. A security breach can cost a lot to businesses. Mobile patrolling services have proved beneficial in offering businesses an additional layer of security.

While most of the progressive businesses already offer mobile patrol services, only a handful of them take advantage of Mobile Patrol Apps. The modern Mobile Patrol App is a one-stop solution to manage mobile patrols at client sites.

Here we have explained everything about Mobile Patrol App that you must know including its benefits to a security guard company!

What does a mobile patrol security guard app do? Why do companies need one?

As a security business, you must be handling several client’s sites at a time. This can be a troublesome task considering the critical nature of security provisions. While mobile patrols serve as a great aid in handling security requirements, Mobile Patrol App enhances the efficacy of the organization and management of mobile patrols.

Mobile Patrol App allows security companies to create, execute, manage, and review mobile patrols at client sites. It also offers tracking and monitoring features that help in ensuring unconditional patrols.

The stiff competition and the rise in risks and hazards at business premises demand top-notch patrolling. Mobile Patrol App makes that happen by offering complete control of the movement at business premises to the security service providers. It enhances the efficiency of patrol services while minimizing incidents; two core qualities that any business would consider while screening security guard services providers. If you are a progressive business, you must use a Mobile Patrol App to stay on top of the competitors.

The advantages of switching to mobile patrol security guard apps for security guards

advantages of switching

The modern Mobile Patrol App is fitted with a range of features, each contributing towards the efficiency and accuracy of security provisions. Both security guard companies and security guards enjoy the benefits of the Mobile Patrol Apps for android. Below, we have mentioned the different features of advanced Mobile Patrol Apps along with its benefits for security guards and security guard companies.

  • Ease of work and reporting

Mobile Patrol App is advanced security applications intended to make patrol creation, execution, and monitoring easier.Benefit for security guard companies: Security supervisors can create patrol shifts and schedules and inform the same security guards easily through the app. The app also shows data like weekly offs, leaves, and substitution which makes shift creation easier.

Benefit for security guards:

The patrol security guards can check the assigned shifts and intimate any leave or change in duty due to personal reasons. They can also use the app to submit reports at the end of the patrolling shifts.

  • Any time access

A cloud-based Mobile Patrol App for iPhone enhances accessibility to data. Security guard data, client records, reports, and shift schedules, and more similar information can be easily accessed at any time, from across the globe.

Benefit for security guard companies:

Security guard services providers can easily manage multiple client sites. The easy access ensures that the companies can extend their operations beyond geographical boundaries as well.

Benefit for security guards: Security guards can stay abreast of the assigned shifts as well as weekly schedules. In case of personal reasons, they can inform the supervisors through the app, irrespective of their location.

  • Real-time communication

Incidents are the biggest concerns for the security guard business. Real-time communication boosts the efficacy of incident reporting and management. It boosts the trust factor on a security company while making the security guards more accountable.

Benefit for security guard companies:

When incidents are reported, security supervisors can release instant instructions. They can also release incident prevention instructions about the protocols of the company.

Benefit for security guards:

security guards can report incidents to their supervisors in real-time. They can use the app to attach evidence such as texts, photographs, and videos with the incident report.

  • Monitoring and evaluation

Advanced and free Mobile Patrol Apps offer uncompromised monitoring, tracking, and performance evaluation features. The GPS and Geo-Fencing technology ensure that the guard’s movement is traced at all times.

Benefit for security guard companies:

Security guard companies can monitor the security guards’ movement and ensure no critical checkpoints are missed ever. This enhances the security provisions at client sites. The performance of the individual guard can also be managed easily.

Benefit for security guards:

Continuous monitoring and tracking makes security guards more responsible. Each missed checkpoint is reported to the supervisor as an alert which makes security guards avoid missing any.

  • Incident reporting; maximized security and prevention of accidents

As aforesaid, incident reporting is a crucial aspect of security. The incident reporting features ensures that no hazardous activity or incident skips the eye of the security guards. It is communicated in real-time and hence prevention is instant.

Benefit for security guard companies:

Each incident reported can be prevented with the right instructions from the security supervisors. A record of incidents as well as the control measures taken can be made for future reference.

Benefit for security guards:

Security guards can feel secure at client premises as incident reporting enhances the efficacy of lone worker management.

  • User-friendliness:

Mobile Patrol Apps are very user-friendly and they boost overall work efficiency.  The app proves beneficial in several aspects including instant access, fewer time delays, instant report generation, and more.

Benefit for security guard companies:

The free Mobile Patrol App is easy to use and no special training is required. It also enables the security company to provide moderate access to the clients.

Benefit for security guards:

Security guards get access to shifts, and can easily submit reports. They can check their man-days in the app for smooth payroll processing. They can check-in/ out of shifts, receive instructions, and stay connected with the team through the app.

How to use mobile patrol security guard app?

mobile patrol

The functions of a Mobile Patrol App are easy to understand by explaining different programs of the app:

GPS Patrol Program:

The Mobile Patrol App utilizes the GPS positioning module of the mobile phone. It connects with the data transmission module of the mobile phone and enables supervisors to track the security guards. The app offers customized solutions to the security companies for catering to individual client needs.


The app can utilize the network of the mobile phone and facilitate easy data transmission and data upload function. Information sharing is made very easy through Mobile Patrol Apps.

Client management:

Multiple client’s profiles can be created on the cloud-based app and accessed for easy management.

Security guards management:

Similar to client management, the app can be used to create several security guard profiles and manage them. The app creates alerts on any expired security guard licenses, completion, or term or any other similar notification. This feature makes security compliance very easy and error-free.

A benefits of having a mobile patrol security guard app for your business.

Whether or not you should get a Mobile Patrol App for your business is a personal decision. However, if you have plans to stay in the industry for long-term, enrich your client base and maximize profits, using a Mobile Patrol App is recommended.

Some common problems that can be overcome with a Mobile Patrol App include:

  • Increasing absenteeism

  • Mismanagement

  • Poor utilization of resources

  • Human errors in record keeping and data handling

  • Missed Patrol Checks

  • Poor security guard’s performance

  • Lack of accountability in security guards and more

Additional reasons you must use a Mobile Patrol App for profitable security business:

  • The app allows businesses to provide services to multiple clients at a single time. Easy client management through the app ensures uncompromised service delivery to the clients.

  • Security Businesses can manage security guards, and service-related processes in minimum time and boost productivity.

  • Managing and monitoring the guard’s performance is easier which means fewer resources are wasted in manual work.

  • Savings of time and efforts in overall security guard services management. The business owners and supervisors can utilize the resources in finding new clients and ways to enhance service quality.

  • The availability of data makes decision making more informed and effective.

Mobile patrol security guard app : A reliable extension for your security business.

Mobile Patrol App is a great extension to your security business. Even if you are doing better than most of the security companies, the automation and accuracy of processes that Mobile Patrol App provides is an added advantage for your progress. You can rely on the software to help you achieve your long and short term business goals and ensure that you are the first name to pop up in the mind of the client when he considers hiring a mobile patrol services provider in the region.

Mobile Patrol Apps are the most modest tool security businesses can use. The app enhances the efficacy of the security services provided to the clients. This not only ensures a high quality of services but also client satisfaction. This implies that security service providers enjoy the word of mouth publicity while enjoying the automation provided by the app. By integrating the app into daily Mobile Patrol management, security guard companies can maximize profit and achieve business goals.  Download the Novagems Mobile Patrol App now and enjoy the benefits!

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