Mobile Patrol Security- Best Economical Way To Guard Small Businesses

Thu, May 7, 2020

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Online monitoring enabled, these mobile patrol security app allow you to have tight control over the security services you render to your customers.

Mobile Patrol Security- Best Economical Way To Guard Small Businesses

As a business leader, you must be futuristic by nature. Integrating a Mobile patrol security system into your security SOPs is the best way to cater to the current security requirements in the uncertain time. Online monitoring enabled, these mobile patrol security app allow you to have tight control over the security services you render to your customers. Especially in time like these, when most of the businesses are locked up because of the pandemic.

You will learn:

  1. Cost effectiveness of the online approach
  2. Ongoing need for security
  3. Increased Safety risks
  4. Unavailability of security resources
  5. Online monitoring

Novagems develops the ultramodern solutions to cater to your ongoing need for support and monitoring for security services offered to clients.

1. Cost effectiveness of the Mobile Patrol Security & Online approach

Mobile Patrol Security System

As full-time security management by guards on various sites, is a costly affair. And, Mobile Security System comes as a savior. You can send the few guards to multiple sites in the required time. This creates the huge pressure on the Security Management Companies as the work load increases.

We ensure to keep affordability in mind while developing security management tools. A mobile patrol security system with online monitoring feature is an affordable purchase. Moreover, the integration of this software in your existing systems can minimize your expenditure on other resources. From decreased manual work to limited requirement of supervising staff, online monitoring saves you a big bill.

One of the primary advantages of mobile patrol security is its cost-effectiveness. Small businesses typically operate on tight budgets, and investing in sophisticated security systems may seem financially overwhelming. Mobile patrol security offers a more affordable alternative by providing regular security patrols in and around your premises. Instead of installing expensive equipment, mobile patrols utilize trained security personnel equipped with mobile devices, ensuring a visible security presence without the need for significant capital investment.

2. Ongoing need for security

Even if most of the industries are shut temporarily, the buildings and assets demand security. Deserted properties are at higher risk of damage and incidents that pose a threat to the security. Online monitoring caters to your existing needs while enabling you to prepare for worse scenarios in future as well to acquire competitive advantage.

3. Increased Safety risks

The security guards patrolling various properties that have limited ingress and egress may face a range of difficulties. From fire outbreak to suspicious entries, structural damage to safety of the assets, there are a range of incidents that must be reported and attended without loss of time. Online monitoring feature of the best guard patrol software allows you to reach out to the guards without any time delay.

Mobile patrol security serves as a powerful deterrent to potential criminals. The presence of uniformed security officers patrolling the premises acts as a proactive measure to deter burglaries, vandalism, or other criminal activities. Criminals are more likely to target businesses with minimal security measures, making mobile patrol security an effective solution for small businesses aiming to reduce the risk of theft and damage.

4. Unavailability of security resources

The conditions are worrisome across the world and the entire police and related security forces are preoccupied. At such a time, waiting for the external security resources to reach out to any suspicious site is like inviting more damage. Online monitoring however ensures that no checkpoints are missed by the patrolling team and security protocols are followed.

5. Online monitoring

Our security management software is made feature rich to ensure comprehensive protection of the client site. You can utilize the several features of the software, minimizing the risks.

  • Dashboard

Quick access to the key features of the app including live tracking, schedule status, panic alerts and future shifts.

To ensure no security checkpoint is left unattended during patrolling. The feature intimates the supervisor about the entry and exit of a security guard during patrolling.

  • Easy scheduling:

Easy scheduling of security guards ensuring optimum utilization of resources. Easy tracking system for open shifts and hassle free new shift creation.

  • Back office management

The software brings efficiency. Especially when COVID-19 has limited the availability of resources, the software allows easy back office management with limited resources.

6. Flexibility and Customization

Mobile patrol security services are highly flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of small businesses. Security providers offer customizable patrol schedules, allowing businesses to choose the most vulnerable or high-risk periods for patrols. Whether it’s during closing hours, weekends, or specific times of the day, mobile patrols can be scheduled accordingly to maximize security coverage.

7. Smart Response

Mobile patrol officers can respond rapidly to security incidents or alarms. They can quickly assess the situation, report to the authorities if necessary, and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks. Since mobile security guards are covering far larger arable areas they can reach the area that is affected far quickly and take appropriate actions.

Final Thoughts

We take pride in aiming to provide the best customer service in the security industry, that is why we are always open to suggestions and any feedback our clients must have for us. We are ready to provide the customer with the features they are looking for.

Get in touch to know more about the security guard management software at Novagems and ensure top-notch security at client sites even during pandemic.

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