Security Management System: A Game Changer In Event Security Business!

Fri, Jan 29, 2021

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The criticality of an event security business can be maintained with security management systems. Check out how it can help you overcome event security challenges and boost efficiency

Security Management System: A Game Changer In Event Security Business!

You know you are facing a big challenge when you are responsible for not only yourself but the crowd.

From Risks, Threat and Vulnerability assessment to creating security strategies and Event Security Management Plan, event security management includes all aspects of security measures that allow deterring, preventing, and reacting to incidents, assaults, and emergency situations.

Even security service companies cater to the requirements of different shareholder meetings, auctions, and trade shows, national and international roadshows, as well as concerts, cultural events, sports, and television shows uniquely demand event security services. Understanding the client’s requirements and ensuring the safety of the crew, management assets, as well as the guests, is thus the top-most responsibility of the even security service provider.

What is event security management? 

Event security management refers to the planning, coordination, and implementation of security measures and protocols to ensure the safety and security of individuals, assets, and infrastructure during events. It involves assessing and mitigating potential risks and threats, establishing security procedures, deploying security personnel, and utilizing technology and resources to maintain a secure environment. Security management companies have seen a significant rise in recent years. 

Just like other security services industries, Event security services have grown from what they were initially and have gained the ability to offer a one-stop safety solution to the event hosts. To become a leading event security service provider, a company needs to dig deeper and understand the trends as well as the challenges. Only then an event security company will be able to find a solution that would offer top-notch security at events.

  1. Event Security Business Market Trends
  2. What are the Challenges in Event Security Management?
  3. How to address the event security management challenges?
  4. How using the Security Management System will boost the event security business?

Event Security Business

Event security is experiencing the biggest revolution of its time and every day a new trend shapes the future of the industry. Event security services providers are finding out ways to make pace with the evolving industry demands and changing trends. The demand for Security Event Management System has spiked significantly and any company that aims to leapfrog the competition wants to have access to the best Security Event Management Software. Let us have a look at the most significant event security business trends:

Demand for crowd evaluation:

To enhance the safety and security at events, the demand for crowd evaluation has become significant. More and more event organizers are willing to invest in event security management solutions that allow them to understand the cord they are attending and monitor any suspicious individual or event.

Access controls to the event:

Much like the traditional way of offering the guests an invitation card to get access to any event nowadays, event security companies offer access control through biometric identification. Either the biometrics of the guests are registered to the Security Management System Software or the guest is offered chip-enabled cards that allow restricted entry to invited individuals only.

Mobile communication:

As mobile phones, tablets and wearables are must-haves nowadays, modern event security companies have to rely on Security Management System Software that allows them to communicate to the guards as well as the attendees in real-time. This comes in handy in handling requirements of mobility, transportation, meteorology, etc.

What Are The Challenges In Event Security Management?

Challenges In Event

Event security management is not a child’s play. After all, one has to manage the crowd, protect the individuals as well as assets at the property and all this time maintain a chaos-free environment. Thus, event security agencies face a lot of challenges. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Planning:

It is imperative to plan the security of an event very carefully considering the large number of attendees. The decisions and considerations taken during the Security Event Management process must be documented and communicated to all the parties involved in event security management.

  1. Access Control:

It is a trend that demands the most attention from the event security team. Granting admittance to only those who are allowed in the event is crucial. Protecting sensitive and the off-limits area is a core consideration while managing access control.

  1. Respecting the sensitivity of individual rights and freedom:

It is imperative to provide a secure environment to the attendees and also attend to all the security requirements of the events, but this should no way harm the personal freedom of an individual.

  1. Managing relation and communication with guards as well as attendees:

A rapport must be established between the guards and attendees as well as the event security management company. All parties including local fire, police, and hospital staff must have an integrated liaison channel.

  1. Proactive security response:

Last but not the least, proactive response to incidents and all security threats is a challenging task that event security companies must get over with.

How To Address The Event Security Management Challenges?

Event Security Management is a sensitive field with a lot of challenges to overcome. Thankfully, technology has come as a great savor for security management companies. Advanced Security Management Systems like Novagems can help event security providers to handle all communication, management, incident reporting as well as security requirements at the best. How? Let us explain:

  • Incident reporting:

Modern Security Management Systems offer real-time communication between the guards and the supervisors. This in turn makes incident reporting very easy. The guards can report any incident or threat with video, text, or speech notes and communicate with the supervisors in real-time. This makes Security Event Incident Management flawless.

With the Security Management System, real-time event security management becomes a reality. SMS provides a comprehensive incident reporting and response mechanism, allowing security teams to address and resolve issues promptly. This instant visibility and collaboration enable proactive decision-making, reducing response times and minimizing the impact of security incidents.

Event security systems must be installed in every possible corner when the event is happening. These systems which are at the focal point will provide an overview of the whole place and help the security professionals to keep an eye on the event.

  • GPS Tracking:

A security guard patrolling is imperative for uncompromised event security. To make guards more accountable, the GPS Tracking feature of modern Security Event Management Software comes as a great help. The supervisors can track and monitor security guards’ movements at the event site.

  • Scheduling:

Having the right guard on the duty is another critical aspect of event security. With the scheduling feature, event security companies can ensure that the shifts are scheduled strategically and also communicated to the guards in advance.

  • Reporting:

Sending reports to the client is a must when you are handling a large event. The host demands to be informed at all times and the reporting feature of the software saves you from a lot of arduous and repetitive reporting tasks. You can automatically generate reports in any desired format and send them to the clients.

SMS offers powerful reporting and analysis capabilities, allowing event organizers to gain valuable insights from security data. Through detailed reports, event organizers can identify patterns, trends, and vulnerabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions for future event planning and security enhancements. This data-driven approach strengthens overall event security and risk management strategies. Event security services should be capable enough to make incident reports if anything has happened during the event. 

  • Enhanced Risk Assessment and Mitigation: 

Security Management System empowers event security professionals with advanced risk assessment and mitigation capabilities. By integrating data from various sources such as access control systems and video surveillance, Security Management System enables proactive identification of potential threats. This data-driven approach allows security teams to implement appropriate measures to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of attendees and assets. The best event security company will be able to assess the risk and prevent larger damages from happening. Security management for events does not only include only providing the security guards to patrol the area, but with enough resources to analyze the level of risk and how to avoid it. 

  • Centralized Communication And Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital in event security management. The Security Management System provides a centralized platform for seamless communication among security personnel, event organizers, and relevant stakeholders. This facilitates the sharing of critical information, real-time updates, and rapid decision-making, enhancing situational awareness and response coordination.

How Using The Security Management System Will Boost The Event Security Business?

Using a modern Security Management System offers better planning and decision-making abilities to event security service providers. It ensures that the company has a clear vision and also has its priorities set straight. With an advanced and feature-rich Security Management System, security companies can not only manage crowds, mitigate security risks as well as handle extreme weather events, but they can also keep the clients in the loop and keep them informed.

The boost in client satisfaction is proportional to the rise in demand for your services. This means that the better you serve the client, the more you receive new business.

If you know How A Security Management System Works, you can easily ensure that you are the most popular event security system. Luckily with advanced Security Event Management Tools like Novagems, user-friendliness is not an issue. The ability of the Security Management System to boost operational efficiency is tremendous which can prove very beneficial to the modern event security businesses.

Event Security Management is a sensitive field with a lot of challenges to overcome. Thankfully, technology has come as a great savor for security management companies. Advanced Security Management Systems like Novagems can help event security providers to handle all communication, management, incident reporting as well as security requirements at the best. How? Let us explain:

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