Tips for protecting your home and property on Halloween

October 22, 2021

Halloween this year is a little more special. Why? Well, this year, we are not on house arrest, and thankfully, the dangers of the Corona Virus have lifted. So, people are planning parties, night-outs, and whatnot to celebrate Halloween 2021.

However, with the spirits of celebrations, the risks of theft and other crimes also hike during Halloween. Reports say that crime rates go dramatically high on Halloween nights. With most people out on the streets trick-or-treating, partying, and celebrating, homes and properties become a soft target for crimes like robbery, theft, vandalism, and even assaults.

To protect you from such crimes, we have enlisted Halloween home safety tips for you. Let’s see:

1) Ensure Adequate Lighting

Halloween brings with it spooky and dark vibes, and our decorations follow the same theme. People tend to decorate their houses with scary-looking props. However, try not to get carried away with the Halloween theme and keep your home well-lit.

A dark house is an easy target for thieves and robbers. It makes it easy for them to break in without getting noticed or caught. It gets even dangerous if the criminals are armed as they might attack the people living in your house. Keep the lights on at all the entrances of the house.

If any windows open outside, they should be closed and well-lit too. With your home, make sure that you light up your business place and other commercial properties. It is important to do so because business and commercial properties are often secluded during festivities. They can easily be targeted by criminals for theft and vandalism. So, along with deploying a security guard, you should ensure well-lit entryways and hallways of your business properties.

2) Set Security Systems

If you plan to attend a Halloween party or visit friends or family for the night, don’t leave your house or property completely unattended. One of the best Halloween home safety tips is that you install a well-functioning security system for your house. You can get motion sensors or alarm systems for the house. If it is too expensive for you, you can go for security guard services. These companies provide you with well-trained security guards who protect your house in your absence. With a feature-packed security guard management system, these security companies keep track of their security guards, helping you stay worry-free wherever you are.

3) Park Your Vehicles Safely

Halloween is well-known for vandalism. From TPing your house to vandalizing your cars, vandals can do so many things to ruin your night. While you can protect your property from Halloween vandalism by ensuring proper lighting and security, your cards can still be prone to criminals.

We advise parking your cars in a garage or a safe area. Avoid parking on the streets or secluded areas where your cars can be an easy target by the vandals.

These were the safety tips to follow this Halloween and protect your home and property from damage and crime.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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