Top 5 Traits to Look for In Your Cleaning Staff

Fri, Jun 10, 2022

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The idea of starting a cleaning business might sound like all fun and games at first.

Top 5 Traits to Look for In Your Cleaning Staff

However, you have to work like a trojan to get a commercial cleaning business up and about. On top of that, making client lists, creating proposals, marketing the business, and everything else takes a lot of energy, time, and funds.

After all the hard work you do, you wouldn’t want your clients to give your company a one-star rating. All because your staff didn’t deliver satisfactory services.

Now, you see how crucial your cleaning staff is. The reputation of cleaning companies wholly depends on how their staff performs. So, cleaning businesses need to hire qualified and high-performing cleaning staff. To help you find the best cleaning staff, here is a list of the top 5 traits you can look for in the candidates: 

1. Cleaning Experience 

Ask the candidates about their cleaning experience. You can ask what type of cleaning they specialize in (residential or commercial), the equipment they use, and the experience they have. 

You can also ask them if they have received any training before. It is because, for buildings like hospitals and laboratories, the cleaning staff needs special training. They should know about the type of waste they will handle and where or how to dump it. Once you know about the experience of the cleaning staff, you can assign them the right job. It will also help you decide whether they need training or not. Cleaning companies should consider all these factors for the best selection of employees.  

2. Trustworthiness 

As we said, your cleaning staff decides the reputation of your business. The cleaning staff will visit the client’s premises and work there. For this, you need to rely on the cleaners to follow a professional demeanor. 

While you will gain trust in the employees after some time, you need to run a background check before getting them on board. You can ask the employees to submit an affidavit, a character certificate, or other similar documents. You should also run a background check to ensure the candidate does not have a criminal record. All these measures will prevent your company’s name from being tainted in the future.  

3. Accountability 

Your cleaning staff must be held responsible for their work. The cleaners must possess the quality of accountability. It means that whatever task you assign to the employee, they should take authority, complete it, and be accountable for everything happening when they perform the cleaning task.

They should take their job seriously and take responsibility for their actions. Avoid employees who like to shift the blame to others and do not take authority over their actions, mistakes, and errors.  

4. Friendliness 

The cleaners, especially those working for a commercial cleaning business, need to interact with people. For instance, if your staff is cleaning a hotel’s lobby, they will meet many people moving to and from the lobby area. When they interact with these people, they should be courteous, friendly, and humble. 

No one likes a cranky sweeper in their hotel’s lobby, yelling at people for no reason. For a good reputation of your cleaning company, it is essential to have good reviews, and for that, you need some friendly cleaners. 

5. Dedication 

No matter how well-behaved your staff is, the dedication towards their work matters the most. You wouldn’t want to send away a group of shirkers who like to be absent from work. 

So, make sure you hire dedicated cleaning staff who completes the tasks in time, performs well, and delivers client satisfaction. To ensure all your staff members work efficiently, you can start using a janitorial workforce management system. The software allows cleaning companies to create and share schedules, to-do lists, and assignments with the cleaning staff with just one tap. It also helps the managers keep an eye on the employees through features like GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and more.

To keep the dedication of their cleaning staff in check, cleaning companies should utilize a workforce management system.

So, these were the top five traits that cleaning companies should look for in their cleaning staff. They come in handy to hire qualified, high-performing, and well-behaved staff.

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