10 Things Your Security Company Management Software Will Help You Learn

Tue, Feb 22, 2022

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Managing a security company requires a good deal of planning. For security officers, managing a team of security guards and preventing all sorts of slip-ups is a challenging job. However, you can achieve it all with the help of a security company management software.

10 Things Your Security Company Management Software Will Help You Learn

A management system can help security officers and guards work efficiently and get more done without hassle. Let us have a look at the ten things you can learn from a guard management system:

1) What are your security guards doing?

When you connect your security guards with security company management software, it gets easy to keep an eye on their activities.  With such a system, you can track what your security guards spend their time doing when they are on the clock. So, from the time they log in to the time they log out, you can track their activities, movements, and tasks accomplished. 

It is possible because of features like log sheets, checkpoints, GPS tracking, tour reports, and geofencing offered by a guard management system. 

2) What routes are your patrolling vehicles following?

Like security guards, you can connect your patrolling officers through the system. It helps you not only keep track of the patrolling officers but also of the vehicles. 

So, whenever the vehicles start patrolling and check into the decided routes, the system notifies the control center or managers. The managers can also direct the patrolling staff to keep them on the correct routes. With GPS tracking and real-time communication, managing and keeping track of the patrolling vehicles have become easy. 

3) What are the issues faced by the security guards?

With the incident reporting feature, a security guard management system allows guards to create reports about the emergencies they face. 

It helps the managers know the risks and dangers that each job/property poses for the security guards. So, the managers can take safety actions to safeguard their teams by providing them with the required safety equipment. In emergencies, the guards can also push the panic button on their system that alerts the security managers and police. 

4) Which tenants or residents create troubles for the guards?

Mostly, property owners avail of security services, but they don’t necessarily use the property in every case. In most cases, the security guards have to deal with tenants or residents of a property owned by someone else. 

In such cases, a security guard management system will help the security company keep track of problematic tenants. If someone is creating problems for the guards during their shifts, they can notify the managers. It allows the managers to create reports and send them to the property owners. These reports can also act as evidence against the tenants and help the owners with the eviction process.      

5) How is a security guard performing?

As we discussed in the first point, managers can supervise the activities of security guards. With a record of these activities, it gets easy for the managers to create a report for each security guard. They can make weekly or monthly reports and keep track of the guards’ performance. Based on their past performances, the system color-codes the guards on the system. It marks them in colors like red, yellow, and green, which makes it easily visible for the managers to track the guard’s performance. 

6) When security guards don’t report in time

Security company management software systems come with many features that help the managers keep track of schedules, time logs, shift timings, and whatnot. 

Once the guards report on duty, they log in, and when they leave, they log out of the system. It helps notify the managers whether the guards have arrived or not. If a guard does not report in time, the system notifies the security manager. 

The system also records the log data of each guard, and the managers can check the same anytime. It helps the managers at the time of payroll creation.  

7) When the guards miss time-sensitive tasks 

With the help of scheduling, managers can assign time-sensitive tasks to the guards. The system helps the managers set time intervals for job duties and tours for the guards. So, during each time interval, it notifies both the manager and the guard about the time left for the task they are performing. So, it keeps both the parties informed so that in the case of time-sensitive tasks nothing is skipped or missed. 

It helps the managers track when the guards have failed to perform well for time-sensitive tasks.    

8) On which areas of the property do the guards spend most of their time?

With security company software, the managers can check where the guards spend most of their time. They can track whether the guards were at the entrance, checkpoints, or the back gate?  

If you find them at spots where they are not allowed or required, you can interrogate about the same. 

9) The best and the worst guards for a client

Security companies keep shuffling the guards’ shifts for many reasons like availability, security, and privacy. 

Even for regular clients, it is common for security companies to send different security guards after a period. In such cases, the security company must maintain its reputation and the quality of services. The managers can track each guard’s performance and see the best and worst guards for the client. Based on this data, the managers can alter schedules and duties and keep the best ones for the said client. 

10) Creation of Reports for Each Client and Site 

With security company software, you can create reports of different types including Activity, Maintenance, and Incident reports from the available templates. If you want a new one, you can make a customized report too as per your requirements. These reports help the security guards and managers work collaboratively and gather the information and issues faced during a job. It helps the managers learn about the problems faced by the guards on site. 

These reports help the managers keep track of the clients or jobs assigned to the guards. It also keeps track of a guard’s performance for that client or job. 

Based on this information, the managers can check which guards faced the most problems on-site? What were the reasons behind it? Was there a lack of security equipment? Is the problem related to the guard or the site? The managers can take all this information and create reports, which help them analyze the clients and create a better security plan for the future. 

The answers to these questions help with better management, performance analysis, and scheduling in the future. 

So, these were the ten awesome things you can learn from a security company management software. If you are looking for an efficient guard management system, contact Novagems. We offer all these features and more!

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