What Is A security guard tracking system? - Novagems

Wed, Nov 10, 2021

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Security companies have a lot on their plate, and it can sometimes get tough for the managers to keep track of everything. If you are trying to manage the tasks and schedules

What Is A security guard tracking system? - Novagems

Security companies have a lot on their plate, and it can sometimes get tough for the managers to keep track of everything. If you are trying to manage the tasks and schedules of your security company without the right help, you must know what we are saying.

When we say “the right help,” we mean you need to incorporate some systems and technologies to automate the tasks. With that, you can reduce the burden on the managers or supervisors and help the security guards operate better. One such system is the security guard tracking system.

If you haven’t used such a system for your security company yet, you are missing out on many things. Let us tell you what a security guard tracking system is and how you can benefit from it:

Explained: A Guard Tracking System

Security companies have several security guards that need to work for the clients. They perform their duties at business premises, houses, residential complexes, corporate events, or patrols. Keeping track of all these security guards, their duty locations, and shift timings manually is a bit challenging. However, a guard tracking system solves it all for you.

From scheduling to tracking to sending help in case of emergencies, this system does it all for you, making the life of supervisors easy. If you are looking for such a system that does the heavy lifting for you, check out the security guard tracking software built by Novagems. It is feature-packed and helps you automate everything without any hassle.

Let us now look at the features an ideal guard management system should offer and what you should look for in such a system:

1) Easy Scheduling

Easy Scheduling

The biggest challenge faced by the security guard managers or supervisors is scheduling the tasks for the guards. From keeping a record of guards to assigning them duties, shifts, etc., everything needs management.

For making it simple and easy for the managers, a security guard tracking system allows easy scheduling. With the scheduling feature, you can create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. The UI helps you see the sites allocated to each guard, their shift times, etc., in one window. The daily schedules can be color-coded with the help of Red Yellow Green (RYG) indicators for better understanding. The best part is that you only need to create the schedule once, and then you can copy-paste the same template for the future.

So, a guard tracking system allows easy scheduling, which is also somewhat fun!

2) GPS Tracking

Another crucial feature of a security guard tracking system, GPS tracking, helps the management with many things. Not only can you locate the guards but also send help fast in case of emergencies.

Along with GPS tracking, there is also a feature of geofencing. Through this feature, the supervisor can set a geofence for the guard. Whenever they leave or enter the designated area, the supervisors receive an instant notification. So, they can keep a check on the security guards and see if they have reported to the location in time.

The GPS tracking feature also comes in handy with patrolling guards. The guards have a guard tracking system on their phones while patrolling, and the system allows the supervisor to track them through GPS. So, they can see the location of the patrolling vehicle in real-time. If there is a change in the route due to any reason, the supervisors can notify the guards. Also, if the patrolling vehicle is in an accident and the guard is not responding, the supervisors can send emergency help directly to the location through GPS tracking.

3) Emergency Response

Emergency Response

An extension of the above point, emergency response is another benefit offered by a guard management system. With GPS tracking and real-time supervision of guards’ activities, the management can respond immediately in the case of an emergency.

A security guard tracking software allows the guards to notify their supervisors or control center via a panic button or an emergency alert. With the help of this feature, the system informs the control center that the guard needs help, and they send the backup and help without wasting any time.

For more clarity, the features like incident reporting can come in handy when a guard needs to send pictures and videos of the incident. So, the management can take the right action in time. Such features can prevent many accidents and mishappenings that might turn out to be lethal for the guards and their clients as well.

4) Ease for the Guards

A guard tour monitoring system not only helps the supervisors but is also very handy for the guards. With an easy-to-use dashboard and understandable features, such a system will help the guards take proactive actions.

From marking attendance to sharing reports and sending panic alerts, the guards can do a lot with such a system. With the adequate usage of such a system, the guards can make work easy for the management and avert many dangers and accidents in time.

5) Hassle-Free Reporting

Hassle-Free Reporting

The purpose of a guard tracking system is to make everything hassle-free for the supervisors and the guards. And it indeed makes reporting easy for the guards.

The guards can report to their supervisors with just one tap on their mobile devices. When they reach or leave from the location, need emergency help, or need assistance with anything else, they can directly communicate with the control center.

The supervisors can easily keep track of the guards through real-time reporting and save the data for future reference. So, whenever they need to create weekly or monthly reports, they can use this data to check the performance of individual guards.

So, with these features, a security guard tracking system can help guards and supervisors both and make things easier for them.

If you are looking for a security guard management and tracking system for your security company, contact Novagems and learn about our solutions. It will surely help you automate and ease out things to a great extent.

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