Why Choose a Security Guard Management Software With a Live Dashboard

Fri, Jun 17, 2022

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Security companies are taking a leap of faith toward technological advancements. And it is serving them well!

Why Choose a Security Guard Management Software With a Live Dashboard

When we talk about integrating technology into a security business, we mean having security guard management software implemented to carry out the company’s operations.

If your security company has such a system, managing the business operations becomes easy and hassle-free. However, before choosing such a system for your company, make sure you look for an essential feature - a live dashboard. Today, when everything revolves around the internet and things happen in real-time, not having a live dashboard sounds like a mistake.

If you think you don’t need a system with a real-time dashboard, let us change your mind. Here are the benefits provided by the live dashboard of a guard management system:

1. Analyze Job Duties

It is a regular task for the security managers to create and assign work schedules to the guards. However, you cannot blindly continue the same pattern without looking at the analytics.

When you have a live dashboard, you can assign the duties, create schedules, and look at who is doing what at a given point.

Are your security guards present at the right spots?

Are they on time?

Is a guard facing an emergency?

You can keep track of all this information from the dashboard in real-time.

Besides, the data related to the job duties get accumulated and saved within the guard management system. You can have a look at the data based on the performance of your guards and the job duties performed by them by simply looking at the reports. The Job Duty Analysis report is available in the form of charts, making it easy for the managers to analyze the performance of their security guards.

2. Analyze Guard Patrolling Tours

It is no news that guard management software helps security managers assign patrolling tours by setting up different checkpoints. Through live tracking and real-time analysis, the guards can update the progress of the route taken by them, and by this, the managers can keep track of the finished tours. If the guards miss any checkpoints or do not complete a patrol, the system notifies the managers, and they can take quick action.

At the end of the month, the managers can look at reports of the patrolling tours. These reports through the live dashboard help the managers learn how the guards performed during the assigned patrols. They can look for the shortcomings faced by the guards or any slip-ups done on their part.

3. Analyze Timesheets

Digital timesheets are the best way to record regular attendance in any organization. For security companies, as security guards are not always able to report directly to the office first, they should have a way to clock in/out from anywhere.

Guard management software with a live dashboard helps security companies achieve that. The guards can clock in and out of their duties in real-time, entering their shift timings through the timesheets. And it does not end then and there. The system saves all the data related to the attendance of the guards, their shift timings, time of arrival and leaving, and more.

It helps the managers at the end of the month. Through the Timesheet analysis reports created with the help of the live dashboard, the managers can compare the scheduled hours with the clocked-in hours. It clarifies the payroll hours and helps make correct calculations.

It helps avoid numerous discrepancies between billing the clients and paying the guards.

4. Create and Manage Schedules

Creating and assigning work schedules is a crucial job for a security manager. While a security guard management system makes it easy for the managers to plan regular work schedules for the guards, it is also crucial to keep track of the same over some time.

The managers can achieve that with the help of a live dashboard. When you create and share the work schedules with your security guards, the system gives them an option to accept or reject the same. At the end of a period, say a month, the managers can see the status of these responses. They can check via live notifications and the system also records the data that stays in the notification bar within the system. The information includes how often the security guards accepted, rejected, declined the schedules, or kept the requests pending.

Such information helps the managers make amends in scheduling and helps find the issues faced by the guards when they do not accept the schedules.

So, we can see the importance of having a live dashboard in a guard management system. If you’re looking for a guard management system for your security company, don’t forget to check for a live dashboard. It helps you carry out business operations in real-time. Contact Novagems to get your hands on such an efficient security guard management system. Book your demo today and let our experts show you what you’re missing out on!

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