10 Ways to Increase Your Cleaning Business Revenue

Thu, May 2, 2024

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Have you ever wondered how does a cleaning business make money? Would you also like to join in on the list? Explore this blog post to know more.

10 Ways to Increase Your Cleaning Business Revenue

In the cleaning industry, having a healthy stream of satisfied clients and reputation is important. This we all know. But no one can deny the fact that business owners are looking to make profits and make their business grow. Increasing revenue for your cleaning business involves strategic planning and smart execution. By optimizing your operations and exploring new opportunities, you can significantly boost your income.

Like any business, cleaning services providers also would like to make profits. After all, they also have a team to pay, a family to look after. The first telltale of any successful cleaning business is how much does a cleaning business make money. With the market so competitive, it can be difficult to make a highly profitable business, but that does not mean it is not possible. You must be familiar with the big giants that are making millions in the industry. And if they can, you can do it too!

And we are here to help you with that. By simply following these tips and tricks you can also make a profitable business and generate good revenue.  So let’s begin, shall we?

1. Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

The very basic thing you can start from is looking at your pricing. You will get repeat customers and new customers if you offer a price that no one is and it reflects in the quality of your services too. Research the market trends and research on what your competition is offering. Do not hesitate to adjust your prices accordingly. And always try to match the prices with the value and cleaning services you are providing. Communicate any changes made clearly with your clients as well. 

What changes can you make?

  • Offer Tiered Pricing

Implement tiered pricing plans that cater to different client needs and budgets. For example, you can offer:

  • Basic Package: Standard cleaning tasks.
  • Standard Package: Basic tasks plus additional services like window cleaning.
  • Premium Package: Comprehensive cleaning including deep cleaning and specialized services. Tiered pricing not only provides options for various budgets. But also encourages clients to choose higher-tier packages for added value.

2. Expand Your Service Offerings

You might have mastered one specialized cleaning area in the industry. But what about others? Do not be afraid to explore more areas in the industry. This will bring in more sets of cleaning contracts and hence more business. You have already built a name for your cleaning company in one specialized area, now it’s time to explore the unexplored. 

What you can do?

  • Explore New Markets

You can offer specialized cleaning such as 

  • carpet cleaning
  • window washing
  • deep cleaning
  • commercial and residential cleaning 
  • laundry services 
  • Seasonal cleaning (summer, spring, fall season)
  • janitorial services
  • curtain cleaning, and much more 

This will open many doors to generate revenue for your business and attract new clients. Plus it will also add value to the existing clients and increase their loyalty toward your company 

3. Improve Customer Retention

If you are constantly providing exceptional services then you have built a loyal customer base. Increased customer satisfaction is the key to customer retention. That means that the clients are actually happy with your services and will choose you over everyone else. Happy customers will become repeat customers and they are more likely to recommend you to others as well. 

But are there ways to increase the retention rate even when the customers are happy? Yes, by doing the following - 

  • Discounts: Offer discounts on future services.
  • Free Services: Provide free additional services after a certain number of bookings.
  • Exclusive Offers: Give loyal clients access to exclusive promotions. Loyalty programs encourage repeat business and referrals, boosting your revenue.
  • Referrals: This keeps the customers engaged with your cleaning services and they feel like a part of the company. 

4. Enhance Your Online Presence

In the digital era we are living in, having an optimized online presence is a must. After all, how did you reach this blog post? By simply searching “ways to increase your cleaning business revenue” on Google right? If your website is well-optimized with proper keywords and adds value, a potential client will definitely land on it. Having user-friendly and SEO-optimized content is crucial for cleaning companies’ websites. 

And how you can make that happen?

  • Relevant Keywords: Use keywords like “residential cleaning services” and “commercial cleaning” in your content. But only if you do offer those cleaning services
  • High-Quality Content: Create blog posts about cleaning tips and industry trends to attract organic traffic. Organic traffic means you do not have to spend millions on advertising and marketing to get more leads. 
  • Client Testimonials: Showcase positive reviews to build trust. When a new user will see positive reviews from real people on the website, they will trust you more. A well-optimized website can drive more traffic and convert visitors into clients.

Pro tip - Are you struggling to set up a cleaning business website? We can help! Click here to know more. 

  • Use Social Media

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote your services. Strategies include:

  • Engaging Content: Share before-and-after photos, cleaning tips, and client testimonials.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your audience informed about your services and special offers.
  • Customer Interaction: Respond to comments and messages promptly. Social media can help you reach a broader audience and build a loyal following.

5. Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to grow your customer base and make your company profitable. They can generate more quality leads without having to spend much money. Collect email addresses from your website visitors, social media followers, and existing clients. Use these contacts to create a targeted mailing list for your email marketing campaigns.

Start your email marketing by:

  • Sending Regular Newsletters

Keep your audience engaged with regular newsletters. Include:

  • Service Updates: Inform clients about new services and special promotions.
  • Cleaning Tips: Share valuable cleaning tips and tricks.
  • Client Testimonials: Highlight positive feedback from satisfied clients. Personalized and informative emails can help maintain engagement and remind clients of your services.

6. Invest in Advertising

There are different ways you can advertise your company online. Advertising can pave out the way for your company to generate more quality leads, but yes it will not guarantee that they will become your client. Different modes of advertising like - online, traditional, and paid. Remember to set a dedicated budget for advertising so that you do not spend more than expected. Use online advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to reach a wider audience.

Target your ads based on 

  • location, 
  • demographics, 
  • and interest

This will help you connect with local people and build trust easily. Traditional advertising will help you gain attention from customers who still prefer reading newspapers, magazines, and news bulletins. And a new form of advertising will help you in gaining clients in the new generation. 

7. Network with Local Businesses

Making connections in any business is important. Build relations with local businesses that will help your business grow too. Companies such as real estate agencies, property management companies, and office complexes can help. This organic referral will drive general traffic and business opportunities 

One way you can do that is by -

  • Attending local events

Participate in local community events and business expos to promote your services. Engaging with the community can help you build brand awareness and attract new clients. Offer free consultations or demonstrations at these events to showcase your expertise.

8. Offer Seasonal Promotions

Customers eagerly wait for offers and discounts. This will be a great opportunity for you to expand your cleaning services. Offer discounts or special packages during holidays or peak seasons, such as spring cleaning or holiday prep services. These opportunities attract new clients and encourage the old clients to book more services from your business. And yes, do not forget to promote these offers through various means. 

Is there any other way you can offer discounts without hurting your brand reputation? Yes!

  • Offer Referral Programs 

  • Client Incentives: Reward clients for successful referrals.

  • Dual Benefits: Offer discounts to both referrers and new clients.

  • Tracking System: Implement a system to track and reward referrals.

This way you can utilize the power of word-of-mouth marketing. People will believe more in their near and dear ones rather than in some ads they see online. When you track these referrals you can see the success rate. With this you can calculate if the program was successful and if you need to do it again. 

9. Train and Motivate Your Staff

Skilled and knowledgeable staff will provide exceptional services. And that is what any customer will expect. With regular training, you can keep in touch with the latest trends and innovations in the market. This way you can also keep your employees in the loop. Training can also include customer service skills to improve client interactions. Their interactions must be professional and clear so as to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Once training is done and you know how well your staff is performing. How will you keep them motivated?

  • Recognize and Reward Performance

  • Bonuses: Offer performance-based bonuses.
  • Employee of the Month: Recognize outstanding employees.
  • Incentives: Provide gift cards or other rewards for excellent performance.

10. Streamline Operations with Technology

Technology is your best friend in the changing times. There are many options available online that will help you streamline operations. With the open slot in your daily calendar, you can allot that time to things that matter more. Like getting more clients! Or generating more leads. This is where cleaning management software will help you a lot.

How is the cleaning business software going to help?

  • Scheduling: Automate scheduling to reduce errors and save time.
  • Invoicing: Use software for accurate and timely invoicing.
  • Customer Management: Keep track of client details and preferences.

Some Final Secrets Spilled 

Before you rush off to implement these steps and strategies in generating revenue. We have one little secret stored for you. Consider it a thank you for reading through such a long blog. Have you ever wondered what type of cleaning business generates more revenue?

We have the answer for you. It’s a commercial cleaning business.

The demand for commercial cleaning contracts is always high. And if you are lucky enough to secure one, you can get significant profit and revenue. Since the budget set for this type of contract is always high, there is extensive cleaning required too. So make sure that you are prepared. 

Now why are they in high demand?

  1. Cleaning Services are always in high demand 

Whether it is to clean a house, office, buildings there will always be people who are on a lookout for a cleaning service provider. Now, the market of commercial cleaning business might be saturated but that does not mean there is no room for you. Be brave and you will succeed. 

  1. They provide quality cleaning services

Now you may have worked with a cleaning company before you decided to start your own. Maybe you were not satisfied or frustrated with the services you received. And now you have decided to start your own cleaning company. 

Running your own commercial cleaning business gives you the freedom to set your own standards. But for that you will need to do your own research. 

One secret tip is to use a cleaning business software that will help you provide better services from your competitors. The software will help you avoid manual paperwork and increase overall productivity. 


So there you have it! These are some simple yet effective ways you can generate more business. But keep in mind that these are just steps that will help, since each client’s and business needs are different make sure to do your own research as well. You are always welcome to implement your own ideas and make a successful business. So now you are equipped with how to scale to a million dollar cleaning business. What are you waiting for? Start implementing these strategies today and watch your revenue grow!

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