3 Pillars Of A Successful Cleaning Business

Thu, May 18, 2023

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When you start thinking about cleaning, you would wish to be like Sheldon Cooper. But that is not the reality and let’s face it we cannot reach that level as well. What you can do is help the people who want to lead a clean life achieve a percentage of their goal.

3 Pillars Of A Successful Cleaning Business

For that, you need to have a successful cleaning business so that you have a name for yourself in the industry. Running a business is already complex enough, when you run a cleaning business you need all the extra hands you can have. That’s where cleaning workforce management software will come in handy. 

Each business has there own unique needs and effective cleaning business management tools will cater to those specific needs and help you achieve the utmost efficiency in your business. But there are certain areas where all of the businesses have to play by the same rules to succeed. 

If you are looking for a successful journey of your business then make sure that your cleaning business is standing strong on these pillars. If your fundamentals are strong, then you are already halfway there. 

3 Pillars Of A Successful Cleaning Business

Have a detailed look at the fundamental pillars that will take your cleaning business to greater heights.

Pillar 1 - Marketing 

You need customers to make your business big. And how will you get those customers? Through marketing of course. Having a strong marketing strategy is what will set you apart from the overflowing market. Marketing is a quick and easy way to convert your potential customers into loyal clients. Different ways through which you can market your cleaning business are -

  • Word of mouth (there’s nothing like hearing a genuine compliment, you know)
  • Improving SEO rankings
  • Social media marketing
  • Campaigns and advertisements, both online and offline.

Marketing will generate leads for your business, then it’s how you use those leads will convert them into customers. You need to tap into all of your talent in marketing as you are doing with your cleaning business. You might be providing the best cleaning services, but how will the people know your name if you don’t advertise it?

Google Adwords and Direct Email are powerful tools for marketing your business. Once you have mastered the skill of Google Adwords, you have huge leverage as you have the opportunity to scale your business according to your needs. Direct email marketing will help you hit your potential clients directly. Be clear, concise, and simple. 

Pillar 2 - Employees

Marketing will only convince the customer to think about buying the service. It’s the employees’ job to convince them to actually take the money out of their pockets and spend it on you. Once a potential customer is on your website and they like your service the sales team can give them a detailed view of how your services are the best in the industry. 

If you have hired professional employees with excellent communication skills then automatically your chances to convert a lead into a customer increases. Providing the best cleaning service is important for your cleaning business, you need to maintain those relations as well.

The employees will be the first point of contact for your customer so they need to build a strong relationship with them. Never assume that just because they seem to like your services, they will automatically buy them. Be consistent in asking them about the updates. 

Pillar 3 - Scheduling 

When you have spent most of your time in scheduling, you know what kind of a nightmare it is. As your business grows, you cannot sort out your clients easily with Google Docs or Excel. You need the best scheduling software for cleaners that is out there. That is where you can use Novagems, a workforce management software that not only makes scheduling easy but provides you with features like shift planning, open shifts, cost analysis, etc.

With shift planning the cleaners can easily check updates on their shift timings and any changes and they can even plan shift swapping - all on the go! With the help of the cost analysis feature will allow you to check the scheduled hours and total hours worked. Now you only have to pay for the hours worked. This helps you cut down the labor costs and you can identify where there is a need for improvement.

Shift planning will allow you to schedule the best cleaner with the best skills for the job. You can easily repeat the last scheduled shift and the cleaner will instantly get the notification that they have been assigned to a shift. This makes communication and collaboration smooth as it eliminates the chances of error and any misses. 

The schedules can be made according to your and your clients’ needs. Eliminate the long processes of sitting and sorting out the data. You can have all of the data in one place. Now you will not have to navigate through different applications and interfaces to make one simple schedule. 

You can easily automate the workflow by simply preparing the schedules in advance! Enter the data and time once and allocate action items to individual cleaners or janitors. The work will be assigned automatically at the right time.

How Cleaning Workforce Management System Will Help You Maintain A Strong Foundation 

Integrating technology into your business is important as it will allow you to streamline your processes and have room for improvement as well. You need to understand that the workforce is the running wheel of your business. If they are performing efficiently then that means that your business is already on the road to success. 

Gone are the days when cleaning workforce management software was only used for scheduling your employees. Now customers want the best of the services hence you need to have software that will help you streamline your whole operations. 

You will find many options for online cleaning software to choose from. But you need to find the tools that work the best for you and your business. There are certain benefits you will enjoy while choosing the right cleaning company software

  • Automating your day-to-day tasks
  • Bringing efficiency 
  • Increasing lead generations
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Employee management

Make sure that whatever workforce management solution you are using is meeting your cleaning business goals and objectives. It should align properly with the strategies to achieve the desired outcome. The software will help you bring all of the departments in the organization together. And once the whole team is on the same page the customer satisfaction rate will skyrocket.

Summing Up

It’s tough out there in the real world. If you have decided to start your own cleaning business then that’s a very confident and smart move. Having efficient scheduling software for cleaners will help you build confidence and make your business grow. There is still a long way to go and if you are looking for the best workforce management software then you start your journey without any bumps just by clicking here.

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